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    I basically like to hang around my mates. whether its going to see a film or just chillin out at school im not really bothered. I am a rugby fan, I support London Wasps. I also go to the school in which the sport was actually invented - Rugby school! I play the guitar a lot and i like to jam with my friends - unfortunately i am a rubbish singer.
  1. huggy993

    My acne story

    Just a weekly updated album with my struggle with acne and how the regime is doing for me (unfortunately i started photos on like the third week, sorry)
  2. why dont you just get the acv capsules you dont have to taste the horrible flavor of acv and its much easier just to swallow a capsule with some water rather than trying to mix the right quantities with water and whatever else that everyone tries to make the stuff taste nicer
  3. yeah im also with ranger on this one - although im definately not 100 percent certain about the consciences - i know that it is really not good do drink while taking some form of medication be the side effects in the long term or the short - i just wouldn't risk it dude just tell your friends your on medication - theyll understand
  4. dude - wankin releases stress therefore it helps acne surely
  5. dude - wankin releases stress therefore it helps acne surely
  6. i know this gets thrown around a lot, so sorry - but i just want to get this cleared up i originally thought that sunlight was good for acne - but after joining this site i was told it wasn't - however i felt that sunlight had always helped with my acne so i did some research and i found many conflicting views - some said it was very bad other said it was good - however they all had one thing in common - they said that sunlight for around 20 - 40 mins a day produces vitamin D Now correct me
  7. sorry - the website www.mankind.co.uk
  8. Hey man - just wanted to suggest a few things i had bad back acne a few years ago - however it has died down a bit the main thing i found was not to pick at them - i know its really difficult especially when you just find yourself automatically doing it cos the back acne hurts like hell i picked my back acne and now i have huge circular scars on my back - and i assure u its not fun - however its certainly better than having the painfully red bumps i had a few years ago secondly - i live in t
  9. Hey, so ive been following dans routine for about 8 - 10 weeks now im really starting to improve and i just wanted to share one of my medications with other acne suffers well on the site it recomends using sulphur hydroxide after popping a spot to "disinfect" the area - however i tried it and felt it was way to harsh on my skin and slightly painful. thats why i recommend using a product that i found called Germoline - its a form of antiseptic cream which kills bacteria - its advertised as for
  10. maybe he is playin hard to get - just a suggestion but seriously, being a boy i know of the pressures of having to actually talk to a girl you like - its difficult and embarisin - so just start the convo and keep going but if he just doesn't seem to respond then, sorry, but he just probably doesn't want to talk to you for some reason or other
  11. Hey man it sounds like she likes you loads. so just get in there. next time you see her, say hi - get to know her name, don't be too pushy or slimey by trying to know everything at once - build it up every time you see her remember BE YOURSELF - there is absolutely no need to front an image, girls hate it - plus if she's as in to you as you say she is she why bother trying to be someone else DONT BE SELF CONSCIOUS - i know its hard with the acne and stuff, but just let the conversation flow