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  1. day six breakfast: kashi cereal with banana lunch: stirfry veggies with can of tuna (broccoli and carrots) dinner:spinich, half of an advocodo(filled me up?) and a tiny piece of chicken small bumps, kind of going away but then some appear again...i think its the grains(which im cutting out starting today). these red marks are driving me insain!
  2. ja, mine always stay the same too. I used one of those biore strips today to try and minimise the appearance, but it didn't really work that well. sigh. i use Alpha Hydrox AHA souffle, iv been using it for a week and its been working pretty well for me.
  3. so im guessing canned tuna is the same as the canned veggies that yall are talking about..?
  4. day four breakfast: cereal with water and banana Lunch:salad with half a can of tuna, cucumber, olive oil snack: cucumber sticks and carrots dinner: rest of the tuna with salad and olive oil bunch of steamed broccoli red spots are fading, small bumps are kind of going away but not really.
  5. im also trying to find a healthy cereal... i came across kashi cereal and i think im going to try it, its gluten free.
  6. day three breakfast: apple, banana lunch: stirfry veggies with tuna (very yummy ) snack: carrots dinner: lots of stirfry veggies. salad with olive oil i still have the small bumps in random places but i feel like my face is looking better and some of the red marks are fading away.
  7. day two breakfast: mix of fresh berries and banana snack: apple Lunch: salad with cut up apples and olive oil salmon Dinner: chicken i have gotten a bunch of small bumps in places on my cheek, dont know if this is from the foods or possibly the cetaphil.
  8. day one Breakfast cereal with water apple Lunch cucumbers salad with olive oil snack: banana snack: carrots Dinner chicken apple i kind of slipped up with the cereal but it was really before i started the diet.
  9. okay so today i decided im going to start a new diet. in this log ill try to post everyday and tell you how its going and what i ate that day. the new diet will consist of -fruit and veggies (exept potatoes) -protien (chicken and fish) -salads with lots of olive oil -LOTS OF WATER. no nuts, sugar, sugary drinks, coffee, salt, legumes, wheat, dairy, red meats, grains. oh and for washing my face and such im using cetaphil(for wash) and then applying aha souffle at night and in the morning. a
  10. im also using the Souffle. i dont really have any burning on my face after i apply it though, but iv read about people experiencing this so i think it is normal.
  11. Ok cool yeah I did last night as well. Should I only use the AHA at night?? And I was gonna use the Eucerin Cleanser morning, after work, and at night. Is that to much?? well im using the aha in the morning and at night, but if your just going to use it once a day i would use it at night so you can let your skin heal etc. when your sleeping. and for the eucerin cleanser im not sure about because i dont use it. but for me i would not wash my face with a cleanser three times a d