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  1. Hey Mike, I agree with you on the bad side effects Accutane has. I've taken it like 10 years ago for about 3 months and didn't see it work effectively for me to stay on it. And I believe it gave me permanent damage, like really thin skin and makes it your scars deeper and harder to heal as compared to just letting nature do its thing. My advice would be to not do any type of scar treatments for about a year till, your skin attempts to normalize. Your doing the right thing with using natural
  2. I think i might make u look older especially if u have lots of scarring on the forehead, the forehead wrinkles will come at an early age like me at 27. But I still get carded for getting beer or cigs, and occasionally when i hand my ID over they cant believe im 27, they say "babyface"/
  3. ive been using it for one week, day and night application, and it is really helping. The thing is that you have to stay persistence up to 3 months on this.
  4. ***UPDATE*** So here's an update an update on my Organic Milk test for 5 days. - broke me out within a day of drinking it - noticed 8 new pimples forming - same diet as before but still broke out on places i did not before like forehead and temple and cheeks Then I stopped drinking milk for like 2 days and noticed no new pimples, just the occasional 1 or 2 small ones. So yea my Milk theory is done for me, not going back. Hopefully this was helpful
  5. Thanks guys imma give it a 1 week trial and see how it goes, gonna try Organic milk like StonyBrook farms milk.
  6. So I havn't drank milk for about 8 years now, im 27. It has somewhat helped with my acne but not totally.I use to have this glow and bones felt strong from drinking milk. I have not had that feeling since i stopped drinking milk. Was wondering should I try a week with milk?
  7. I didn't really get a initial breakup, but gradually I got less and less pimples overtime. Maybe like 1 small one on my face, but yea I think it gets better in the long run. I think the initial breakout is normal, but u will get better over time say after 3 months, thats how long ive been using it for.
  8. So i have a few hypotropic scars on my nose. Would rubbing baking soda on them everyday while washing face help diminish them?
  9. Hey guys I don't know why but when i eat yogurt i dont really break out like I do with drinking milk. Anyone have opinions?
  10. So ive been a long time member, tried accutane and that didnt work. But few years after accutane, right now im in my 2nd month of Doryx. And so far i have only 1 small active pimple. I didn't see results till my 2nd month, and ive have not follow a strict diet and this stuff still works.
  11. is it a good idea to put aquaphor healing ointment over your topical after doing dermaroll?
  12. kt7

    Light Effective Does not Smell And it work! nothing really. Well I have been using SkinBiology's Copper Peptides about 2 weeks ago. I have lots of redness and acne scars all over my face. Within about 3 days of only putting it on my face at night and leaving it on. I can see noticeable changes. My redness of Hyperpigmentation has gone down 40% and I can see where once were scar holes start filling up and thickening up with new skin. This was freakin amazing. I have mad
  13. So Ive noticed my lack of dairy and cheese consumption has helped my acne alot. But Ive noticed my bones getting weaker and teeth enamel weakening. ANybody have the same results from non-dairy consumption?
  14. So I usually apply SPF 30 lotion in the morning and when I get back at night, I usually do my Yellow LED treatment. Does the SPF lotion still have its effect after a certain amount of hours? Could the lotion be preventing the LED lightwaves from doing its work on my skin?
  15. Ive used cetaphil gentle cleanser for about 4 years now. It was alright being gentle at all, but it did not really help my acne. Recently I got a sample from my derm of Cervae cleanser, seems to take the shine off my leathery face. I think ill have to switch.