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  1. Okay, I have come to the conclusion that I want to cover my blemishes and mild scars simply because I am so insecure about my skin and can no longer feel comfortable in public ...... How should I do this as in would a tinted moisturiser do? maybe a concealer? would I need more? I also have reletively large skin pours near my nose that i would like to cover ... please help, what would I need? I also dont want to look like a "woman" hahah, I want to just have a nice finish so my skin looks nat
  2. Hey mate, if that is you in the gallery, you are a good looking person and acne should be the least of worry, I get some spots along the jaw line and bit near the cheeks and hairline :( maybe someone could help you? I have no idea man
  3. really really camera shy Thanks for the comments though Im thinking of going on a strick diet which will look like: Vegetables/Fruit/Water of course some chicken, bread, cheese ?? Hmmm I feel pooop!
  4. Forget the scars, your a lovely lad from that picture Im sure others can see it too
  5. Wish we all knew the answer to remove all this redish acne spotty shite of our face dude....
  6. I would cry so much ? Eventho im new here ... I think DAN IS THE LEGEND!
  7. Hello my friends, thanks for taking a look. Well I havent been on here for a long time because my acne was mild and I was put on some Zineret treatment and my skin got a little better however, I have noticed spots and stuff is it acne coming back? , okay so thats just some background information. This is a picture of my cheeks and near my eyes ... do you think its bad? (Please see below) Well I have become very upset, I dont feel like going out, I feel embarrased, shy and everytime I go oot I f
  8. Look at their feedback ... if it below 99.9% dont buy it, also make sure they have sold lots of products not just 10-100 im talking 2,000. Read all their feedbacks and be sure to read any negative if they have any. if it is all good then buy it. (I buy from ebay a lot)
  9. Wow Jadaz you have done really well mate Keep it up looking great now.