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  1. I got a personal message asking this question, so I thought I would post my answer for everyone to see.. . . Hi, I feel that it has been immensely beneficial. As of my last posting, I found I had probably 25-30% improvement over 6 weeks. Then a few weeks ago I felt that was becoming closer to 50% and now, just a few weeks later, I'd say I'm at about 95% improvement--few to no new pimples, a few healing pimples and mostly just pink marks of the healing skin. However, my case is not typical
  2. liveinhope, I am so sorry I missed your first post in December. We were traveling at the time (the dread Christmas triangle as we like to call it, hundreds of miles of driving in unpredictable midwest weather to see grinchy family members!). First of all I would like to extend my condolences for your personal tragedy. I myself have had several miscarriages and my mother had a child who was anencephalic when I was small and to be honest my mother still gets upset when she thinks about his los
  3. Thank you Dee, and everyone else who replied. After discussing the whole scenario with my husband I opted to purchase the BeautySkin last night. Their distribution center is only one state away so I really hope it gets here soon--I am sooooo ready to start after weeks and weeks of reasearching, thinking and debating over this purchase. It sure seems like a lot of money at Christmas time and we just had a really bad streak of luck with things breaking in the house (washer, plumbing etc etc.)
  4. This is why I posted this here. I wanted to clear up all these nooks and crannies of information that are so easily overlooked. Up until today I had completely missed the fact that BeautySkin had a US distributer right here in the US. I had only ever seen their British website. Now BeautySkin is a real contender for me, since I know it is the gold standard and there is so much anecdotal evidence that it works so well all over this site, including this thread! I also got a very kind and prof
  5. In the interest of keeping you informed of all of my explorations and inquiries, here is an email I sent to www.acnelamp.com:
  6. I'm not sure why but I just came across the information about TANDA for the first time. It looks really promising, despite its extra cost, I like the way this product is presented. The bright LEDs lend themselves to very fast treatment times (3 minutes). It just got FDA approval apparantly. I think I would pay more for this product because it is so well thought out and the extra steps they have gone to to get CE certification, fda approval etc etc. It just seems more like a medical device a
  7. Hi there! I have been lurking here for a really long time and spending hours scouring threads, reading scientific studies and exploring product websites. One thing that would benefit me and anyone else thinking about trying this kind of light therapy is a product comparison. There are lots of products available and they really are all very different and so I would just like to summarize what I feel I have learned so far and get any feedback from you guys who are more experienced with this the