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  1. I have milk once in the morning, maybe a couple of hundred mL's, with oats and other grains - is drinking that amount of milk enough to hurt acne? I also have Greek yoghurt once or twice a day but from what I've heard the acidophilus in yoghurt mitigates its harm. The problem I have is how to substitute the protein and calcium abundant in milk and yoghurt with other foods?
  2. According to a study, "Hair follicle is a target of stress hormone and autoimmune reactions.": http://www.biomedsearch.com/nih/Hair-folli...e/20943348.html It mentions the effect stress hormones have on hair follicles and the skin. Gotta take up yoga or something methinks.
  3. I'm looking at getting a blood test to help narrow down what it is in my system that I may be deficient in which leads to acne. This site: http://www.flash-med.com/Lab1.ASP has a list of things to test for but I have no idea which ones are linked. Perhaps also worth mentioning that I'm 22 and have began losing my hair in the past 6 months to a year. I'm thinking that the following tests are relevant: blood sugar (I've read that acne is based on this) zinc androgens/hormones (??) chromium vitam
  4. Going to start using this as it seems like a fairly easy thing to add to my routine. Had a few teaspoons of ACV today, sculling it straight as I would a shot of alcohol (not that I drink alcohol) and I enjoy its tangy taste.
  5. Couldn't find anything on the search, which is strange because surely it's a noteworthy topic (not sure which forum to post this in by the way). Anyway I've had acne for the past 7 years and I'm now 22. Over the past 8-12 months I've gone from having a full, thick head of hair to having noticeably thinning and weaker hair. I have a family history of baldness so I don't know if my stress has sped up the process or what. Just wondering what the commonalities between acne and baldness are, seems
  6. Acne hampers my money-making ability by hurting my chances of getting a good job. By having money I wouldn't have to worry about a job and wouldn't care how I looked.
  7. It's unfortunate how these are just little comments, but because of the magnitude of what we suffer, we can remember them well I'm 22 now and have pretty bad scarring, which started when I was 16. Around this time I remember walking out from class and an 8 year old kid said something like "haha, hi freckle face!". For the two years I had acne in high school (the final two years) someone in my own year-level only said something once about it, like "why do you have pimples?" Even though it was u
  8. There's plenty of junk food in my cupboard at home but there's also a lot of healthy food too. I always make sure I eat something good that fills me up at regular intervals - fruit, vegetables, wholemeal bread etc. Water is also good, I keep loading up on that. A few months ago I used to eat a piece of chocolate at night with a glass of milk, but I stopped that now, because both are apparently bad for acne (although I still get breakouts ). That has been the only change in my diet recently and
  9. Is Walmart kind of like Target/Kmart (in Australia)? Or is it more of a Safeway/Coles style supermarket? Regardless, supermarket apples are always terrible, I can't believe they get away with selling that crap. I buy my fruit from the local market.
  10. Does anyone have any stats on the % of populations of each country that are affected by acne? I know most of the population in western countries suffer from it to some degree (most minor) during adolescence, but I've heard (although it could be a myth) that it's rare in some of the East Asian countries for example. I rarely eat junk food, probably the closest thing to junk that I eat is steak/other red meat cooked in olive oil (but I still get the occasional pimple every week which always scars
  11. No-one has ever been mean enough to say anything bad about my acne directly, but sometimes I get weird looks from people I don't know, for example in a class when I'm sitting close to someone new.
  12. I wish I knew where to get organic vegetables around my area. I eat plenty of vegetables and wouldn't be surprised if the crap quality ones i currently eat (and the chemicals in them) are causing acne.