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  1. January 31 - Not wantig to "hi-jack" Yezzir's thread, I hesitate to answer your questions publically but have chosen to do so to address anyone else's curiousity. I extensively researched both the TCA CROSS method as well as TCA peels. In my quest for information, I came across articles from two different Plastic Surgeons who combined the CROSS with a peel during the same treatment. I wish I would have "earmarked" the articles to forward to others but if I run across them again I will be gl
  2. BRD, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for sharing your time and knowledge with the members of the forum. I would also like to salute you on your elegance and restraint in handling the inappropriate comments. Your imput is greatly appreciated and I will be closely monitoring your thread. Thank you once again.
  3. TCA Cross is a wonderful treatment option for both icepick and boxcar scarring. There are a broad range of opinions as to its effectiveness but I personally think the results are determined by three major factors. First and most obvious is that collegen renewal varies in each individual. Secondly, the TCA premixed product is not regulated so there are no laws to mandate the quality and strength. Finally, TCA CROSS in not a quick fix - there is substancial down time and the improvements are gr
  4. I have completed two self-CROSS treatments. The first treatment was 1/27/08 and the second was 3/3/08. I have noticed that the floor of most of the treated scars is rising. The research on this treatment shows no negative side effects other than the obvious "down-time" In the published Korean study, the patients treated with 100% unbuffered TCA all had excellent results after 6 treatments. I think that those who post that they had "little to no improvement" gave up due to inconvenience. Ac
  5. The red marks are hyperpigmentation which fade over time and can be disguised with concealers. Scars are depressions in the skin or scar formation raised above the skin, both leaving an uneven texture. Check out the threads for hyperpigmentation and red marks.
  6. I believe its better to wait for the 4 weeks as when you apply the tca cross, collagen is being produced. However, applying tca cross too soon again disrupts the whole process of collagen production( since it takes awhile for the collagen to form ).
  7. Very interesting article - thank you for bringing it to the forum. Reading that it is best to treat scars while they are still in the healing process, makes me question the validity of delaying repeat TCA Cross treatments longer than 4 week intervals allowing complete recovery. Just as a callus forms from repeated irritation - would it not be possible that the production of collagen would increase due to repetitive injury to an area? Just a thought.
  8. I preformed a self-Cross treatment on 1/27/08 using 100% TCA solution. The procedure is simple but heed the caution of others. It is a strong acid. So far I have been very pleased with the results I have gotten with the TCA Cross Treatment and a couple of TCA peels. I am anxious to see future results with additonal treatments. Do your research before undertaking and everything will be fine. Good luck!
  9. As the skin ages - it loses elasticity - this laxness emphasizes the depth of scars. A face lift can reverse this process, but I doubt a face lift would help someone whose skin is still taut.
  10. Be vary careful. It is basically a perforated callus file which could slice and abrade the tender skin of your face possibly scarring you more.
  11. I mainly wear gold - white gold/silver occasionally if the outfit requires it. I'm medium olive skin with warm tones so gold looks much better on me. White gold/silver looks better on people with cool tones to their skin.
  12. Willow, I have been using 12-1/2% and 18% TCA peels. I have done one TCA Cross treatment, but am not sure that it would work for you. In your pictures your scarring does not appear to have defined edges. The Cross works best for ice pick and box car scarring. For the Peel, I apply over my entire face. After the solution has dried, I reapply to the scarred areas such as cheeks, etc. A series of TCA Peels can dramatically improve texture, tone, elasticity, enlarged pores, shallow scarring an
  13. I too find Naitch's comment offensive and ignorant. I am 49 and don't mind telling anyone who asks. I probably had the same smugness in my youth - thinking that a person's value and self worth diminished with each year over 30 - WRONG! Life's experiences have taught me that the years under 30 are a training period for the important events to come. Be careful Natitch, your attitude is likely to come back and bite you on your ass in the future. Willow, your scarring appears shallow. I am hav