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  1. I asked my nurse who does my laser treatments this question as I am a girl with very thick skin (advantage in some ways since I am always told I look much younger as thicker skin is less prone to wrinkling as quickly as thinner skin) i was also told that scars on thicker skin is more noticeable and harder to treat compared to thinner skin and that topicals cannot penetrate thick skin as well as thin skin I am currently using tazorac and my skin tolerates it extremely well
  2. My skin seems to be doing great. One side of my face is definitely going to be super smooth within a few months as it's about 90 percent levelled off and the redness I had in those particular scars is down to a very light pink and my skin has a healthy glow to it. The other side I would say is around 70-80 percent smooth as I had burned it a bit more from the glycolic peel I used. I only have one concern now which is how some of my scars are healing, as they are being smoothed out a few of them
  3. Unfortunately i got these burn scars last year and i do want to get rid of them as fast as possible. They're smack dab in the middle of my face making it impossible to conceal and impossible for me to go out which is why I'm being aggressive with it (I also have thick skin which is beneficial in some ways and irritating in some others) I should have mentioned that sometimes my skins red and at other times the redness subsides but as certain scars are smoothing out the redness is disappearing as
  4. Hi I could really use some advice here. The Sciton Microlaser peel has successfully smoothed out my skin to an 80-90 percent level. My technician said we need to give my skin at least a three month break before we do one more and then we'll see where my skin stands and I'll be doing two IPL's before that. I started in August with the profractional, followed by six sciton microlaser peels, one IPL, and another sciton microlaser peel this month. My biggest concerns now are that my skin is still
  5. I have my seventh laser peel tomorrow. My scars have already smoothed out by 60-65 percent. Wish me luck everyone I always get nervous, sad and upset the night before. This is such a long and painful process.
  6. Hi everyone. I just thought I would update on my progress. I burned my skin last February from a glycolic peel. It caused three big scars on my cheekbone area and I also have some minor indents on one side of my face while everything else is smooth and flawless. I had one profractional treatment in August and after that I had six microlaser peels and 1 IPL. My total scar improvement is 60-65 percent. Indents are the hardest to get rid of and the bigger scars are going through the quickest impro
  7. I think I will try an IPL session and I will report back here with my results. My skin could definitely use a break from all the laser peeling anyways. My dermatologist told me that for some individuals an IPL treatment does stimulate collagen and if there is a reduction in color the skin in that area can get smoother, and again for some individuals. It depends on everyone's skin. I have just noticed throughout my years of breakouts if I got a scar it would be red, shallow in depth, and once the
  8. I'm terribly sorry to hear that. The reason I'm curious about it is because after my series of laser peels I have noticed that the color in those scarred portions has subsided but sometimes when i wash my face with cold water it turns super red and then within 10-15 minutes the color drops down to a light pink now. My scars and the pigment seem to be going hand in hand and I am wondering if an IPL treatment might help with some tinier issues ( i have a few scarred pores and three big scars left
  9. I have been getting microlaser peels done on my scars which seems to be helping quite a bit. I have three major scars that I am more worried about. What you have it what I used to have on one cheek, which has now improved by 90 percent in those areas so they are almost smooth but not quite yet smooth.
  10. Hi everyone. I'll give a quick summary of my skin history and then I'd appreciate some advice. When I was almost 19 I suddenly broke out in cystic acne leaving me with red marks and within a year I had formed shallow scarring all over my cheeks. I had not known what to do with the red marks so I had been applying benzamycin to those areas (benzoyl peroxide mixed with erythromycin) which may have caused the scarring as I have heard that benzoyl peroxide delays the healing process. It took years f
  11. My first laser session was with profractional. I saw very minimal results. I have now had three with Sciton microlaser peel which for me has worked significantly better. My scars are a result of a bad chemical burn I got earlier this year. The scarring was deep before and has gone down to moderate and the redness is diminishing. I am also using Tazorac nightly which is helping a bit. I'm about to have my fifth laser session this December and as my doctor had told me I am only half way there and
  12. So I am pleased to say that my skin's almost healed again as fast as last time. I would say my skin has gone through 50-60% improvement from the three laser sessions. Each time they do it the scars are completely flattened out meeting the rest of my skin and I feel happier and happier with each treatment. Let's pray this keeps working until my face is completely levelled off. Laser was the best decision I have ever made in my life but i also think i am in really good hands which is why its been
  13. Hello just had my third laser treatment done and I can see how much they have flattened out the scarring even more. I would say one more of this microlaser peel and two vbeam lasers should fix me up nicely but probably not perfectly. I am only concerned about the pigment now which my derms say will be fixed with the vbeam as well as the slight shininess I had talked about in another thread. My derm himself will be performing those and that will give me a purple bruised look for a while. I expe