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  1. LIVER PURGE --> LIVER CLEANSE --> REBUILD I just did a liver purge about 2 weeks ago. I prepped it by taking CHANCA PIEDRA "stone breaker" supplements for 3 weeks prior to clear out any stones that may be in the way of effective liver function. Then I did a COFFEE ENEMA. After the purge I'm cleaning my liver with AKN SKINCARE (Burdock, Dandelion, Yellow Dock) supplement and rebuilding with MILK THISTLE supplement. Read my other posts or blogs, I've gone with a holistic approach bec
  2. I'd consider my acne pretty severe too. I'm done cleansing the insides, stopped taking the oxypowder and chanca piedra about 2 weeks ago and did a coffee enema. The crap that came out almost looked like if you did a google image search "colon cleanse" but not as "long". I'm taking ULTIMATE FIBER to upkeep my internals and have added CANDIDA CLEAR supplement compliments of vitacost.com because I got an ear infection and it may be related to candida. I also started ingesting BRAGG APPLE CIDER
  3. I'm no doctor but from what I've researched....Probiotics do not kill candida, they inhibit candida's growth and generally clean up the bowels making it more difficult for candida to thrive keeping it undercontrol. Candida thrives on poorly digested food so digestion is important. My internal regimen....(besides proper diet) I'm almost done with taking OXYPOWDER 6 caps/20days then I'm following up with ULTIMATE FIBER for adequate fiber intake to sweep my insides clean. I drink LEMON JUICE_o
  4. Omega-3 vs Omega-6 Olive Oil contains the two essential fatty acids. There is currently debate about how much omega-3 versus omega-6 one should have in their diet. The two fatty acids compete for space in the cell membranes. Studies show that there are benefits and risks to too much of either. While more of the omega-3 alpha Linolenic acid can help prevent heart disease, studies have suggested it may increase prostate cancer and macular degeneration7. According to the Merck Manual, an authorit
  5. Your plan sounds similar to mine. Regulate hormones and purify the blood. I stopped using BP all together (replaced with Meyer lemon juice and aloe) as of last Friday and it seems to be stable and even more effective, but we'll see. Morning - Purpose bar soap Fresh lemon juice applied with cotton ball Fruit of the Earth Aloe Oil of Olay age defying daily renewal cream No sunscreen because I'm in the office most of the day Night - Same as above but Oil of Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Mois
  6. It's more than just omega 3-6-9 oils. Coconut oil balances out the omegas and lecithin helps absorb it into your system. Then you have your vitamins A,B,C,D,E's and such. It's probably better to get them from the foods you eat but starting on supplements isn't bad and adjusting your diet to intake the daily recommended dosage can follow. Total EFA liquid form is awesome, I simply drizzle it into my food or take it straight. I haven't noticed any odd tastes, but everyones palate is different
  7. I think it works to a certain extent. It's a really accelerated version of http://www.colonzone.org/acne-treatment-colon-cleansing.php Acne is an internal problem and will take time to cure.
  8. Acne free in 3 days talks about how fasting on apples absorbs toxins and cleans your digestional track by doing an enema to release the waste. For long term results, look at this site. http://www.colonzone.org/