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  1. User01

    None Does not moisturize Irritating Does not relieve flakiness The old formula was much better. I had been using the old formula for about 2 years, but now I think that I am going to have to find another brand. This new formula just isn't going to cut it.
  2. Thank you for your input. Does anyone else have any comments? Has the new moisturizer made anyone else breakout or become flaky?
  3. Basically, purging is where imperfections that were beneath the skin come to the surface. Someone else may be able to explain it better, but I hope that I am being clear. Anyone have any comments about the new moisturizer?
  4. I have been on the regime for a few years now, and I used the new acne.org moisturizer for the first time a few days ago. About one or two days after using the new moisturizer, I had numerous small pimples. Does the licochalcone in the new moisturizer cause purging? What could have caused this? Any and all comments are appreciated. Thanks
  5. I have been on the regime for 420 days. Any suggestions?
  6. I have been adding jojoba oil to the DKR moisturizer, but I still cannot control my flakiness. Has anyone tried using just jojoba oil all over their face as a moisturizer at night? I am thinking about trying this, and wanted to get some opinions.
  7. I have been on the DKR for about a year now, and it seemed to clear up my skin after about 7 months. For the past month I have been having breakouts around my temples, and I still have very flaky skin. I have not changed the regime, so I don't really know why I am having breakouts, but I am thinking about ordering the DKR cleanser (I was using Equate Daily Face Wash) and AHA. My main questions are: 1) Does the DKR cleanser make your skin dry? 2) Does the AHA make the moisturizer like a liquid i
  8. I tried her AHA. Personally, I did not like the product.
  9. Anyone have any advice? Should I wait longer after applying the AHA or should I apply the moisturizer before the AHA or is it okay that the moisturizer is really watery after I apply the AHA?
  10. I used Paula's Choice 8% AHA gel for the first time tonight. I applied BP, waited 10 min.; applied the AHA, waited 10 min.; and applied the moisturizer. The problem is when I applied the moisturizer to any of the skin that I had applied AHA to, the moisturizer became watery. So instead of gently rubbing it in, I had to just smear it over my face, because it became too thin. Anybody know why the moisturizer became watery? Did I do something wrong? Any and all help is appreciated.
  11. I am still searching for an effective AHA without cetyl alcohol and was wondering if anyone has tried this product: Paula's Choice 8% Alpha Hydroxy Acid Gel. Here is a link to the product: 8% AHA Gel Is it any good? All help is appreciated. Thanks
  12. I read the ingredients of alpha hydrox 12% souffle and it contains cetyl alcohol. I forgot to mention that I am allergic to cetyl alcohol. Does anyone know of another good AHA that does not contain cetyl alcohol? Thanks
  13. I am looking for a good AHA to help get rid of some of the flakiness caused by the DKR. I have been on the DKR for about 5 months. So I was wondering what is the best AHA product that anyone has used? Also where can it be purchased? Thanks
  14. I was wondering whether working out while on the regime helps your acne or makes it worse. So if you would please take the time to write a short description of how intensely you work out and if it helps or hurts your complexion.
  15. I was just curious how long it took different people to get clear after starting the DKR for the first time. I have be on the regime for a little over 3 months and I have definitely seen an improvement, but I think it will be another month or two before I am totally clear. Also, I know that the regime works slower for some than it does for other.