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  1. heyy

    i just wanted to say u look like junsu!


  2. wow hello are you korean?

  3. hi I just wanted to stop by and say you are really cute :)

  4. Did you guys by any chance try to pick or scrape off the blackheads? I know this can lead to long-term open/enlarged pores (one reason why those blackhead removing strips from cosmetic companies really were a bad idea). I've been on Tazorac for over a year (in high school) and I had no pore-related problems. I did have a whole shrew of other horrible side effects though.
  5. I'm not sure if you mean by "orange", slightly (or a lot) reddish? Redness if a common side effect of using retinoids. Many people experience this irritation, but many also endure it and keep on using the medication. I personally had to stop using retinoids because the redness and irritation ended up making my life tougher to deal with than with just acne.
  6. I think it's definitely the blood flow, as a few have already posted. When we sleep, since we use pillows, I think our slightly elevated head level (as well as non-active body during sleep) slows down blood flow to our facial skin. Once we get up and start our normal activities, we get that rush of blood flow into our facial skin and our red marks and acne suddenly seem a lot worse than they were right when we woke up.
  7. In an ideal world, people would be informed enough to not make those kind of comments about your skin. However, considering the fact that the world is littered with people who are very mal-informed about acne, the only thing we can do is basically: 1) Keep on using whatever regimen that is working the best 2) Grow a thicker skin and learn to be a fighter, not letting people get to you While I would love to sit every single person down and give them a lecture about how we don't know exactly wh
  8. I think the main point everyone can take home is that you shouldn't be waiting to enjoy an amazing life AFTER the acne is gone. As the OP described ~ there aren't going to be miraculous 180 degree turns in life for most people who suffer from acne. If you had severe acne that stopped you from being able to go outside or be in any kind of a social situation, maybe that will be a different story. But from my personal experience as well, and those of others, acne will be the only thing that is go
  9. Very bad idea. This is an extremely drying product. Please don't combine it with Accutane. lol, no. What does the government have to do with it? No, when you buy it it comes with a listing of all the ingredients. Well, according to Walter at demodexsolutions, only the main ingredients are listed. The extra herbal ingredients are kept secret. http://www.demodexsolutions.com/phpbb3/vie...?f=1&t=5979 Do you think that having secret ingredients is something p
  10. The celebrity endorsements are just downright hilarious. Those big-time stars get so much pampering done on their skin (lasers, extractions, facials, peels, list goes on and on and on) that ProActiv is probably the least impactive ingredient in their skin-care regimen. Basically, it's just pretty much cash for grabs - get recorded saying a few good lines about this product, use it once in a while, and you suddenly are garnering the "endorsement fees". I think I wouldn't be so nasty to ProActiv
  11. While the notion of industrial America keeping "cures" off at bay is not completely unbelievable, I think it's more realistic to say that there are lots of dermatologists who sincerely care about the sufferings their parents go through. What a lot of people don't realize is that most of the doctors who are in it for the money aren't the majority; four years of pre-med program in college and then the actual medical school, along with residency and internship are so grueling that it literally wee
  12. You just have to try to shift your focus onto the little things that make you feel good. Simple pleasures...
  13. Amazing post. I love how you saved the pivotal detail to the end. This should seriously get read by everyone here. I think you'd be a good writer, by the way.
  14. Actually, if you were outlandishly good-looking to the point where girls felt scared to approach you in thinking that you looked too perfect, I'd imagine that having human imperfections would actually be a nice treatment in helping others to feel more comfortable about approaching you.
  15. While there may be a correlation or some kind of a relationship between the two populations of video gamers and acne-sufferers, I think it's a dangerous jump to conclude that they are directly related. There can be so many factors that can link the two together, such as inactivity playing a role in possibly affecting hormone levels, which can affect acne, etc. But I think with a statistical analysis on the two populations, the conclusion would most likely be that there isn't enough evidence to