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  1. They were probably about 1/2-3/4 the size of the ones displayed in the OP's pictures. After about three months of oral isotret they decreased by about half of their original size. I'd have taken oral isotret again just to further reduce the bumps but the side effects were quite unpleasant for me, so I decided against it.
  2. I took it years ago as a means to clear up my acne. Unexpectedly it also helped quite a bit with the bumps. However, it didn't totally fade them away. I can still feel them and even see them depeding on the lighting. Years after I put some topical isotret but I don't think that made any difference at all.
  3. Were those bumps caused by acne?
  4. Hello, I actually have a similar problem on my nose. However, since I went on isotretinoin the bumps decreased in size quite a bit and now they're not very noticeable so I am not too worried about them. However I have always kind of wanted to get rid of them. Anyway, the fact that isotretinoin helped coupled with the fact that my bumps tend to get bigger when my skin is oilier makes me think this is sebaceous hyperplasia. If that it is the case, some people have claimed success with electroca
  5. Did anyone try TCA cross at 80-90%? I have a similar problem, albeit the scars aren't very visible. Thus, they're not a big concern but I'd still like to get rid of them if the risk is low enough. I think the reason they're raised (in my case at least) is because of overgrown sebaceous glands underneath them. I think this is the case because the "bumps" tend to get bigger when my skin is oilier. Also, the bumps dimished quite a bit (about >50%) when I was under isotretinoin, which purp
  6. I was very drawn up to him at the beginning and I even considered flying to Brisbane to see him. I am from South America so that would mean 24+hour flight. I even emailed his office but I never got a reply. Since then I've been reading all of his opinions and watching his videos. He seems like a good doctor but at the same time I reckon most people like him because he's a good marketer. The fact that he's doing old-school methods of scar revision which aren't widely performed by most derms he
  7. Thanks for the wishes. I'll keep you posted on how it goes. May I ask you how you obtained your scar? Was it acne or something else?
  8. So far I'd rate the first treatment success at 20% and second treatment at 50%. It's hard to tell, though. Images can be deceiving, especially considering that I tend to look at my scar it everyday on multiple ocassions. However, the way I know it improved is that I am not able to feel the dent to the touch whereas before I definititely could. Anyhow, I had a third subcision on my nose tip scar yesterday, 29 days after the second treatment. We'll see how it goes.
  9. Why should it be removed? On a side note, I find it curious how threads about at-home TCA-cross treatments are permitted while threads about at-home surgical procedures aren't. I personally think the former can be potentially more dangerous. Anyhow, I am of the opinion that all at-home treatments discussions should be allowed. People are going to keep doing self treatments with or without discussion about it. It'd be best if we could openly discuss it imho.
  10. 100% TCA is used for ice Pick scars by several doctors, not just Lim. However, I don't fully understand what type of ice Pick scars it should be Applied to or the complexities derived about it. I actually thought about doing self-TCA cross myself and I even bought 100% TCA online but I discarded the idea after seeing so many cases gone wrong and also because the prospect of pouring acid into my face somehow didn't seem like the best idea. I actually think TCA cross is one of the most potenti
  11. Is subcision appropriate in the forehead and other facial areas with thin skin?
  12. Dr. Novick on RealSelf seems to use subcision as the standard procedure for Rolling&boxcar scars on the nose tip. There are several cases in which he suggested exactly that. This Guy actually seems to have a similar (but probably slightly worse) scar to yours and in the same area. Novick recommended subcision with maybe a filler: https://www.realself.com/question/lexington-ky-treatment-recessed-scar-nose-left-cold-sore# Here Novick again recommends subcision for a depressed nose tip
  13. TCA cross seems to me like something I wouldn't like to mess around with, not even if done by a pro. I've Heard too many horror stories about it. Note From MOD Please Do Not Post about ...: Potentially dangerous content. Any medical procedure must be performed by a qualified board-certified doctor. Do not post advice or how-tos on at-home, do-it-yourself, and/or illegal medical procedures or treatments that could be dangerous. In your case, Ammeo, if the wound has been healin