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  1. just a quick note vitamin shoppe sells DIM only 10-30 bucks , everything i find online is usually at the stores so here http://www.vitaminshoppe.com/search/en/que...;intsource=main
  2. sorry to hear about that spell, just wanted to voice ma opinion on that which is that it does help at least for me, where you leaving it on? cuz that will cause much pain and irritation YOU MUST DO THIS IN SHOWER AND WASH OFF!! for my skin its super drying so i do it every other day and its slowing drying them out, but now my chest and back are one big scar donno what to do now... probably peels?
  3. most likely yes, question do u have white marks on fingertips? this is a warning sign for a zinc deficiency, i had the white marks on my fingernails to so i started to take 50 mg of zinc a day, a month later white marks gone but acne still around =) hope that helps
  4. http://www.walgreensespanol.com/store/prod...;id=prod3144249 found this just now. is it good to use?
  5. water, glycolic acid, propylene glycol, isopropyl palmitate, stearic acid, ammonium hydroxide, glyceryl stearate, PEG-100 stearate, cetyl alcohol, isostearic acid, dimethicone, hydroethycellulose, magnisium aluminum silicate, PEG-40 steate, sorbitan stearate, sobic acid, BHT, Imidazolidinly URea does this look okay? i know theres a topic of good and bad ingredients but i cant find it so plz tell me if its okay to use thnx
  6. so I've gotten my acne to calm down recently but now instead of acne i have scars everywhere,face, chest, and back. Im a picker =( so is this where i should start using the AHA lotion? any recommendations and tips will be greatly appreciated. P.S. Dan can u fix the spell check on here! its no where close to the words i want to use and Im not a good speller and Im stuck googleing words i don't know so i don't look dumb. Thnx!
  7. i did it with everything to the tee and no luck...dont waste your money on it in my opinion but its to late lol
  8. i moisturize when ever i need it usually once a day in the morning but sometimes twice depends how ma skin is doin
  9. irratation from deorderant? i get it whenever i use old spice not red just itchy and bothersome
  10. what does bump mean? what does bump mean?
  11. Ive been growing my hair lately and using mouses and gels and forehead has errupted with PAINFUL acne any good non cosmogenic products? if not any tips to stop my acne from going crazy?
  12. well the Sal. acid prevents acne and the BP kills p.acne
  13. i think there is a cure out there but if no one had acne how would 1000s of business sell their products? Cmon we can do a heart transplant (and i think brain transplants not sure though saw House MD =)) but we cant cure a bacteria problem...