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  1. Day ??? I'm finally posting again after what feels like forever. The reason I haven't posted in the past few months is that I've been pretty discouraged with my (lack of) progress, and I didn't want to remind myself of it. After 2 months on 40mg/day, my dose was upped to 50mg/day. I'm now half-way through my 4th month, and I'm still breaking out. I'm still only experiencing very mild side effects (dry lips and facial flushing on bad days), but I'm also still breaking out. My problem areas
  2. Day 35 I don't want to get too optimistic at this point, but it seems as if things might be looking up. A lot of the new actives I had only two days ago have already dried up and have pretty much disappeared. I still have a lot of small whiteheads on my cheeks, chin, and near my ears, but they're minor compared to what I've been experiencing lately. I do, however, feel the start of a cyst coming out on my neck (just lovely!), and I have a patch of really dry scaly skin on my calf where m
  3. Day 33 I woke up this morning feeling completely discouraged. I don't know if it's a result of being bumped up to 50mg/day, but my skin looks terrible! I've got a bunch of new large, painful actives, one of which is of the type that I know will take forever to heal. My neck area, which had started to clear up pretty nicely last week has now broken out again (I don't know why I feel worse about getting acne on my neck as I do about getting it ony face), and my skin is starting to get flaky ar
  4. Hi nobodylives... thanks for the words of encouragement! I PM'd you about the Tylenol issue- hope it helps clarify things a bit. hang in there! Day 30 Today was my last day on 40mg, up to 50mg/day tomorrow morning. As much as this IB sucks, what amazes me is my new acne is clearing up so fast. I mean, seriously, 3 of the really, really painful actives I woke up with yesterday morning have almost completely dried up, and just look like small patches of dry, red skin. This never happens to m
  5. Day 29 So things haven't been going all that smoothly as of day 21(?). I started breaking out pretty badly a week ago, and while I'm finding that my acne is healing so much faster than before, it's also way more painful and inflamed. I have about 9 new actives on my chin and sides of my cheeks near my ears, and my cheeks, chin, forehead, and neck are just about covered in whiteheads. Pretty, I tell ya. I had an appointment with my derm yesterday afternoon, and he's bumping me up to 50mg/day
  6. *Note: Sorry in advance for the length of this...these are my initial posts...I'm finally starting to figure out all this tech stuff!* Day 10 A little background: I'm 32 years old, been suffering from varying forms of mild to moderate facial acne and extremely oily skin for 19 years. I've tried everything under the sun to try and get rid of it, including prescription and over the counter creams, gels, lotions, antibiotics, Retin-A...I must have spent thousands of dollars over the years!