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  1. Yeah, first blood test unfortunately. Gonna do a blue light session in a few weeks and see how it goes. Not sure yet if it's gonna be with the Levulan or not. So expensive...I feel like I'm in the wrong area for this. Prices are so high. Turns out the Tazorac gel would be like $375 minimum, so I said no thank you to that...stupid patents. They alternatively wanted to put me back on RetinA, but I said no to that as well. I don't want to put any more gunk on my face if I don't have to. So, I
  2. The thing is...I have been taking Milk Thistle since going on Accutane. So, I got back from the derm's office today and she prescribed me Tazorac as well spoke with me about a possible Blue Light Treatment in the near future. Also, she recommended that I set up an appt. with a PCP to discuss the liver situation further. I guess in the meantime I'll apply the cream and maybe do the Blue light treatment if I don't get enough of a result with this cream. Ugh...Quite disappointing to have t
  3. Day 29 I got a call from my dermatologist today explaining that my liver enzymes were extremely high and that I would not be able to continue taking accutane. Isn't that fucked up? I don't drink, do drugs, or have not taken any acetaminophen/NSAIDS since starting accutane. I have an appointment with her tomorrow, so we'll see what she proposes. She did say I should make an appointment with a PCP, which I don't have at the moment, and see what they think about my abnormal liver levels. My sk
  4. Day 16 Everything is going well on the home front. My skin is clearing up quickly and nicely. The worst of it, on my forehead, has calmed down and stopped erupting. After several days, I noticed the oil being pushed out of my skin, but it was nothing some blotting pads couldn't clean up throughout the day. I had some pimples come up and surface around my chin that either got brushed off in the shower or I easily popped them and the redness/scab went away quickly within a day or so. Any pimple
  5. I'm just gonna be real here. You're asking an online community of (in general) non medically educated people if it is safe to take a drug that you're medically educated Dermatologist suggested? I would say probably yes, especially if all your blood work checks out and you're healthy enough.
  6. Here it is, my second course of Accutane. This is for mild/somewhat moderate at times acne. My acne is not as bad now as it was when I went on my first course at 17 years of age. Day 1: 6/19/17 Course Length: 6 Months 26 Year Old Male: 150lbs 40mg Claravis 30 day supply: ~$225 No Insurance As of today, I'm getting over a pretty bad breakout that was happening on my forehead and temples probably exacerbated by the "natural" pomade that I was using. I have a whitehead on the left si
  7. Accutane seems like the most logical next step if you want to bypass any other antibiotic. It is your best option for clear skin.
  8. I'm in the same boat as you as far as it affecting your self esteem. I'm 26 and I am feeling like, "Is this really happening to me again? I'm out of high school. Just go away acne. Lol" Have you tried taking any supplements? I'm currently taking a ton, just trying to find something that will work. Zinc Fermented Cod Liver Oil Magnesium Fish Oil L-cysteine ALA Curcumin Inositol (This could help potentially more than other supplements being as it is supposed to help women with hormonal
  9. I use Clindamycin and BP in the morning and Retin A Micro at night. Those failed. I'm now going back on Accutane.
  10. The few little side effects that I had were worth it. My skin is looking very good and I'm as happy as ever now.
  11. Well, it's been about 3 1/2 months since I've been off of Accutane. I've had some occasonial little whiteheads, but for the most part, I'm still clear. Summer was good, I got very tan and I am now a senior at highschool. Things are very good. Self esteem and confidence are very high. That's all for now.
  12. Day 19 Post Tane Well, all is good with my skin. I'm still just using Dan's cleanser and morsturizer. The redness is almost gone now and I am pretty tan as well. I love working as a lifeguard... Anyways, today I just completed my first triathlon. I got second place in my age group and my friend got first. Both of us got medals. I would've beat him, but he's a freaking good swimmer! Here are some pictures: Me after the triathlon http://i248.photobuck
  13. Day 1 Post Tane Well, not too much to say about my skin. That one tiny pimple came out in the show today. I just can't wait for the redness to die down. In fact, I can't wait for all of this stuff to get out of my system. No dry lips, no dry nose, no excessive tiredness... One thing that 80mg did to me was make me a lot more tired during the day and it also made lifting a lot harder and I LOVE lifting. Luckily though, I was only on 80mg for the last month, so no big deal.
  14. Day 150 Well, this log was rather short, but that's ok. Today was my last day. I did a 5 month course and I'm pretty happy I'm done with Accutane. I went to my dermatologist today and she said I looked great. I did get a tiny pimple today, but it'll fade away just like the others have. So, pretty much all I have now are some scars and a bit of redness that will fade away. I made an appointment for 3 months, but if I start breaking out again, I can just call them up and get a topical. I'm jus