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  1. Acne = Brown/Red marks all depends on the depth and severity of the "Lesion". BP will not cause any more hyperpigmentation than the lesion itself. Smoothbeamin
  2. had a derm reccommend it once, but mycin's seem to upset my GI tract something aweful! Smoothbeamin....
  3. I used accutane 40 mg once daily 6 months, clear as a bell! not one little bump! after 3 months though...boom! little red bump shows up and in a matter of weeks to a month his friends joined the party! after 6 months to a year I had acne just as bad as it was! I don't wanna risk my liver for a few months of clarity, when i can get similar results with antibiotics and topicals used in a barrage ...lend your thoughts.. Smoothbeamin...
  4. Would be cool if i could find the root cause of my acne and stop it ya know?
  5. I think if you have acne, but are cute, you're still ok. Whaddya think? Smoothbeamin...
  6. Neither of my folks had acne as far as we discussed, but they were stoners from the 60's and imparted some better genes into me... Smoothbeamin...
  7. Don't be sick of your life! Go to a derm and get some anti biotics for Oral administration! And I don't wanna hear that crap about them not being natural or anything. IF your miserable, then do what it takes to get rid of it. Every problem has a solution! Yours is probably 100Mg of Doxy or Tetra Cycline 1-2 times a day...10 weeks, Crystal Clear..promise...Just eat plenty of yogurt and drink fluids.. Smoothbeamin..
  8. What's in that stuff anyway?
  9. Guys, I also have moderate, persistant acne. I tried smoothbeam at age 25 and one treatment on level 10 was ok, but yielded no results Next treatment was 11 or 12 and the cryogenic freeze spray gave me sickle-shape freezer burns on my skin. I don't think they were experienced enough to use this stuff. I was one of the first treated with it when it was released in my City. I would not advise to use it becasue it sucks..sorry. Anti-biotics and topical retinoids when used correctly can
  10. MultiVitamins, Iron-supplements, antacids(all), pepto-bismol, = no good within 2 hours before or after taking Doxy or other cycline style anti's. Also, try to take them all without food. Milk, calcium in it and in supplement form is no good. Empty stomach will get you faster results as you will achieve higher serum levels in your blood...Good luck Ibu/naprosyn and other pain relievers are fine with doxy, same time if you want..most other over-the counter meds are okay... Smoothbeamin..
  11. I have been using Plexion along with many other topicals for some time. Has anyone had any luck using this medecine? Smoothbeamin...
  12. Dont' steam your face. I know you are desparate to see clearing, but it takes months to get rid of acne completely. A good topical anti-biotic and retin-a or differin at night will do it. If need be you can take oral antibiotics. This is th eonly thing I would try.. Smoothbeamin...
  13. unfortunately, Acne can be somethign you have to deal with until you are so old your skin stops producing so much sebum and flakes better. Acne is a behavioral disorder of the skin for most people who have it chronically. Finding a cure that you can live on and prevent acne/scarring is the only way to get by for myself and many others out there. Until my testosterone drops so low my balls turn to raisins, I will probably break out. Done tane too...Came back. That's when I rea
  14. Keep taking! Takes 6-8 weeks to see clearing begin and 8-12 for total clearing...then red marks fade with preventative doxy use... Daniel..