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  1. ? PS, I'm sorry I just realized I wrote this is the wrong forum.
  2. Everybody classifies my acne as "mild", because I only get a few inflammed pimples. But probably 60-70% of my pores are clogged with whiteheads and blackheads..I feel like I've tried every topical and antibiotic and they just won't go away. My skin looks fine when I'm indoors, but when you see my face in sunlight my skin looks like sandpaper. I've become so selfconcious about my skin and always avoiding hanging out with people during the day, it's awful. Everyone always tells me I'm a pretty gir
  3. do whiteheads and blackheads clear as well?
  4. I have two pimples that are deep under the skin, I don't think they're cysts, how do I get rid of them?
  5. and after slowly stopping antibiotics (assuming I don't get a bad breakout), will my acne go to the stage it was in before i started taking them?
  6. does weaning off prevent a breakout or just minimize the chance? and if it does make it a lot worse, does it do so permantly or for just a little while?
  7. I'm taking minocycline right now and I'm really worried about becoming immuned to it and what will happen to my acne after.
  8. if you have a lancet you can use that to open it and squeeze it (most derms and day spas will give them to you for free)..if not, i wrap my fingers in a couple paper towels and just squeeze. after dot it with a little rubbing alcohol or other antiseptic. icing it after will help redness and swelling.
  9. I've been taking 200mgs of minocycline for about 5 weeks and it's been working really well, my skin's been clear of almost all pimples. I got a facial that had a BP, sulfer, and another treatment used..and I got my first breakout since starting antibiotics, is it normal to break out after a facial like that?
  10. I have mild acne but earlier this week I broke out in a huge cyst for the first time. That was about 5 days ago and it looks the exact same. It's bright red and pretty painful even when I don't touch it. Will it go away on it's on? How long? Also, I've been reasing about Cortisone shots...if I have a cysts can I just call my derm and schedual an apointment for a cortisone shot?
  11. I was on retin-a for several months, stopped for a while because my skin was so sensitive and insanely dry from the cold weather. I'm gonna start up again..I applied retin-a one time the other night. The next day my skin was fine. But then the day after that (without applying anymore retin-a) my skin was peeling like crazy. I have bright red patches of raw skin and the rest is all flaky. Should I exfoliate a lot or just let it be and moisturize? This has happened before and I rubbed all the dead
  12. aveeno has spray on one's, theyre really easy and non-comegenic
  13. Honestly, before I got acne myself, I never really noticed it too much on other people. It was rarely something that would catch my eye when I looked at sombody. I also never noticed when people had really clear, beautiful skin like I notice now. I think it's the same for a lot of people. In the past year or two I've developed mild/moderate acne and have been so insecure about it, so now I do notice when other people have even just one pimple, it makes me realize that I'm not the only one. I gue