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  1. might have to try this then.. its been 2 weeks and my cyst hasnt moved.. how long does each way take?
  2. one huge one. eg it will not come to a head. do these bumps go down or do we have to drain them?
  3. Hey guys, I have a huge cyst on my right cheek that really hurts. I have been taking iboprofen, BP and icing everynight... and its been a week and no change. I have been to 3 different derms in sydney in the past, and none of them knew of 'cortizone shots' and then proceeded to tell me off for suggesting such a thing (i think they were getting offended because they are the 'experts' in this field). so my question is, anyone know any derms that can do this in sydney? (i dont want to spend mo
  4. mine itches like crazy... its goes real red too... no head/not a pimple. so the best option is nizoral or head&shoulders? just apply this to your face?
  5. i must have this, but mine itches so much (redness, bumps and no head). i used to use alcohol wipes to kill the ichyness.. perhaps this was making my yeast worst? so the only treatment for this is anti-fungal shampoo - so nizoral or hea&shoulders?
  6. any suggestions to a solution to fungul acne? does anyone have info on fungul?
  7. let us know how you go on this. I suspect i might have fungul acne too... because it gets red and itchy alot...
  8. yeah it always itches real bad... it gets red and it leaves mark... i cant stand it. yes i moved to sydney. i was thinking that too.. maybe it is the water? im thinking of moving to the suburbs from the city...
  9. are your bumps still red? i have a raised scar too.
  10. Do you guys find that marks last much longer on certain parts of the face? When i get cysts/acne on my forehead, nose mouth area it seems to heal real quick (couple of weeks). But when i get it on my cheeks or jawline, its takes atleast 3-6 months to heal. Not sure why, maybe its due to there being more flesh on my cheeks/jaw?
  11. hey mate sorry to see you like this! you will get through it. Your skin looks quite oily, perhaps use something to reduce the oil on your face. What methods have you tried? Diet etc If its just pimple you can manage this i beleive - but cysts are another thing if they keep getting inflamed.
  12. Theres no head and i have squeezed/needled it twice. Both times it formed a scab. There is now still a large bump. Its a month since i had that massive cyst. Its still there and still red/inflammed. Im thinking of trying to drain it again. Plus i get red spots from icthing that last atleast 2 months (so its prolly worse then a pimple). Not to mention chest problems. Im sorry if this is not up your standards.
  13. just following up. did you make your cyst go down?
  14. how is your cysts now? or anyone that has experienced this? i wonder if these dormant things go down by themselves? i have already tried squeezing them out.
  15. for some people, cysts will never come to a head. its a problem that seems to last forever.
  16. i squeezed twice on my cyst, the first time it reduced the active cysts. However and now i still have a red bump on my jaw! i cant get rid of this!!
  17. i have needled and drained my cyst on my jaw twice and there still a red bump that i can feel and poke. Somtimes it gets inflammed. Not sure if i should try this again? i need to get rid of it.
  18. so the only way to get rid of a persistant bump is surgery?
  19. what is DMSO? however you method sounds really risky. i need to get rid of my cyst bump tho.. been here for a month and keeps getting red/inflamed
  20. i have the same problem. so anyone, from your experience, you reckon 'bumps' will disappear? mine keeps on getting really red anytime i touch it..
  21. wats hot compress? i find the only way to defeat a cyst is to get it early - ice and bp. However i had a few cysts that i didnt treat a few days, and then it got inflammed/infected, i got a needle and squeed. now i have a bump scar.
  22. where u guys get all this cortisone stuff from? I asked my derm in australia and she was like no way blah blah it will make it worse.
  23. yeah i have massive cyst that i squeezed badly - theres no head, just a massive inflammed bump. Now its not the red mark left im not as worried about, i still have this 'bump' under the skin where the cyst was thats troubling me! i feel sad cos this scars.
  24. is there a difference between PF and ingrown hairs? Im definately sure they are ingrown hairs. They are black and very deep but visible black bumps. Doubt i can dig them out..
  25. erm yeah.. dont mean to be a pain but posted this same topic 4 times in dif forums