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  1. I can relate, but sometimes I think that if I didnt have acne to keep me humble (to some degree...) and didn't have to work to keep appearances the confidence might turn into arrogance.
  2. How exactly do you define love? If you don't immediately want that sexual component and she understands I don't really see what the problem is and i'm not really sure what your asking... you want to 'be the one' for this girl? Does that mean you want your first time to be special? And if so how do you define special? Seems to me you just have an old fashioned conventional romantic philosophy. I know people who wait for the right moment to have sex, whatever that means, but to say wanting to have
  3. Happy birthday! But it is what it is... meaning it's not going to go away because your an adult now, far from it... unfortunately you still have to work to get rid of it no matter what age you are.
  4. How is your life? Is the acne creating some social anxiety? I know from my experience its really not as bad as you think it's going to be (right now im in my third year). In my first I had all the same worries about living with other people, but eventually you just realize that they don't give a damn, they can honestly look beyond that. It's just a whole different atmosphere and you can really sense how much mature people are at a post secondary institution. Anyway I guess what it comes down t
  5. I think my acne was worst in grade 8 and kids at that time can be particularly cruel. I had a girlfriend and this kid in my class always used to ask me "is she blind? or disfigured?", and it got aggravating after the first couple of weeks (it happened like EVERY day). Some of the stories on here are just awful though... I can't even imagine some of those scenarios, especially from ADULTS, don't they have any perception of how that would make someone feel? I guess i'm lucky in the sense that peo
  6. In order from most to least amount of time spent... 1. School related work/reading (about 75% of my "free" time) 2. Hanging out with friends (includes eating, playing basketball, shopping, etc.) 3. Watching or reading up on basketball 4. Watching movies or listening to music 5. Checking out this forum 6. Reading (for fun)
  7. I wish I could believe everything happens for a reason but it just seems too illogical. I get angry sometimes about having acne, who doesnt? But the anger doesn't consume me every single day. I work hard to keep it decent because I know there can't possibly be a "reason" it's there other than to piss me off. In this life you have to take care of yourself, and as soon as you find an effective treatment you'll see exactly what I mean. It won't be God who supplied it, nope... it will be all you!
  8. If you want to get laid, go for it. Im sure making yourself look interesting will work one, maybe two times. But if jp here tries your advice, he is setting himself up to be a player that no girl will ever want to date seriously in his school. And no, my stories are probably better than what you could imagine. Um... I dont need to treat it like a game, because I don't play ladies. I think ANY girl would want to be with a guy who doesnt play love like a game. So no thanks, I already do fi
  9. Whats the difference whether it happened or not? When somebody tells someone a 'white lie' so their feelings don't get hurt thats okay, but not when your just trying to make sure the person your talking to has a fun coversation? And let's face it, most people ARE boring. I don't care what you think an interesting story is based on your real experiences, it isn't compared to what the imagination can create. Thus, I think YOU need to rethink your values. Thats the problem with simple misconception
  10. No game plan? That's like going to war without a strategy on how to defeat the enemy. This is not to say you should memorize an entire conversation, that would be ridiculous (especially when as mentioned she will just end up throwing you off with her comments and it won't go as expected), BUT, it's a huge advantage to have interesting/unique stories ready to incorporate into your conversation. She's not going to want to hear the same old crap she hears every time she meets someone, "Where do yo
  11. I don't think so. A huge part of feeling good is having goals/ambitions in life and working towards them. Without having some sort of purpose and feeling of working towards an accomplishment life feels less fulfilling. Looking good counts as a goal you can work towards and people are constantly doing it (evolutionary instinct), so it falls into that category which as a WHOLE would be like 80%.
  12. Are you guys talking about highschool? In Canada our university first semester exams are before Christmas break.
  13. Cinderella Man, 8 Mile, V for Vendetta and The Waterboy... I think those four cover my spectrum of 'feel good' depending on my mood.
  14. I agree that you should just not give a damn what others think, but self improving is always a positive thing, even if its just physical appearance (but don't do it for other peoples acceptance, do it for YOU). Trying to get rid of acne falls under the category of a self improving objective. Could we be starving in some 3rd world country? Yeah. Are we? No. But we do have problems that we have become accustomed to in our specific experience of life, and fortunately they aren't fatal but they ca
  15. Don't ask for her number... make her ask for yours, if your as interesting as your supposed to be when trying to impress a girl enough for her to think your fun she'll jump all over it. If it's going good (provided you took at least some of the advice in this forum) when your about to wrap it up just say something like, "Oh damn, I have to (get to class, meet some friends, etc.) but your fun! We should hang out some time, how can we make that happen?" The average girl will instantly jump out w