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  1. Do you think it could work to fill enlarged pores all over cheeks and nose or are those scars to little to fill with it and it would lokk unnatural like over fill in the non scarred pored parts!!! Thanks for all your help
  2. I was on Accutane 3 years ago so that could of affected the reasons i got scars. I got 3 treatment all together. If you have never been on Accutane you may be safe if ever on it stay away!!!
  3. Noone ackknowledged my post that I got Hypopigmentation scars from ematrix. I also got a small scar on my forehead and a small indent nick scar under my eye whree she was trying to get my fine under eye wrinkles. So much for no side effects. This could be do to the fact I was on Tane 3 years ago ad it is still effecting the way I heal. I a now using olay regenerist night refurfacing serum because it has glycotic acid (vey low% around 3.9) in it. I heard that glycotic acid is good for skin t
  4. so much for ematrix not having any side effects i had two done so far and now I have new hypopigmentation scars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Next time i may only have her do my nose and cheeks cause I can;t live with my nose this way. 3 years off Tane and it is still effecting the way I heal
  5. I did Interdermal botox for enlarged/scared pores on my nose and cheeks did absoletly noting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Thanks for answering. Yeah the smoking thing was just a holiday stress binge so I am hoping I will be ok!! Yes I am happy withmy results so far!! And will keep everyone updated on my progress. I think a decided to go with a low C this time. Lets se what the nurse sas sinc my first was on a mid B. Maybe I will get the highest B. SSo undecided want the most results but the least risks of complacations, everybody here probably knows hows that feels like LOL TTYS Computer girl
  7. Computer Girl, I am getting my second ematrix this Thursday 4 and 1/2 weeks out from my first 1. I swear I see some results because I believe a have scared pores mostly not enlarged pores. Cany decise to go with a High B or a Low C. My 1st one was on a mid B. Do you think smokining effects the healing of the skin and the treatment of ematrix. Not that I smoke on a regular basis but because of recent streeeeeeess I have been. I hear it effects PRP healing which did nothing for me and I did
  8. Thank you for your responses. I really apprieciate the support. I guess I am going to do my next ematrix on a low C just to be safe then keep upping it. I will let you know how my progress is going and with pics if I can figure how to up load them!lol Amy
  9. Thanks Sassy for yout answers. It sounded like you had more results waiting longer between your last treament do you thinkthat is true for every treatment \? should I space out my treatments 4 or 6 weeks in your opinion? For my next treatment do you think I should go up to a high B then a high c like you did? Are your improvments better or as good as the Intracel pics. Do you think I shoild go straight to the Intracel cause it seems to produce the same effect in a shorter amount of time. Wo
  10. Hi, I wrote my reply as a separate thread so maybe it is more likely to get read here. I went for my first ematrix 9 days ago. The nurse did 100 pulses for $350 on a B setting. I was wondering if i should be getting 200 pulses cause she offers that to get better coverage and that tight grid pattern you talk about. I am getting full face work done cause have enlarged/scarred pores from an IPL done 2 months after being off Accutane. I am off Tane 3 years now and the doc says to do Fraxel bu
  11. Sassy, Tomster where are you I am real curious what you think about this. Or anyone else's opinion of ematrix and Intracel
  12. Hi all, I went for my first ematrix treatment 8 days ago. The nurse did 100 pluses for $350 (which I thought was a good price) at a level B. She offers 200 pulses for $700 or $650 or something like that wasnt paying attention cause ai wanted to do the 100 pulses this time to be conservative and see how my skin would react. I have a question for sassy and all the other that have gotten the procedure do you seem to be getting 100 pulses per treatment or more like 200. I DONT WANT TO BE GETTIN
  13. Hi, I am going for a consultation for ematrix 1 week from today. I have enlarged/scared pores from an IPL that a doctor did when I was only off Accutane for 2 months!!!!!!!!!!!! My scars are all over my face every pore is a scar it is terrible. I had PRP for them and that did nothing!!!! I am hoping that this will help because I am too afraid to do any kind of Fraxel!!!! With being on tane in the past probably 3 years ago by now I am still afraid how my skin will react and if it will heal
  14. I have scarred pores from A doctor doing an IPL 2 month after I was off Accutane. I have tired everything. Interdermal Botox, didn't work. Now PRP seems not to be working and doctor told me to get s a dermabrasion six weeks after it so he doesn't know what he is talking about. I have been reading Suzanna Sommers book Breakthrough and she says the hyperbaric chamber leaves your skin baby smooth and flawless. I am wondering if this is true and would help me. I know it it is used for much more
  15. read the reviews and it looks like microdermabrasion might undo all the collegen building the PRP might do so might stick with just the PRP for now and give it a chance to work