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  1. Hi all, It has been a long time since i visited this site.Gosh,i don't remember any name except Dan's.Yes,i have used mandelic acid in year 2003 and never regreted.I stopped using it in 2004 because i got pregnant and was blessed with a baby girl in nov 2004.Now,i started using it because my skin started breaking out again.My old hyperpigmentation didn't come back when i stopped using it in 2004.In fact,i was blemish-free throughout this pregnancy.I almost forgot mandelic.Starting again,
  2. My favorite products which help me to get rid of my acne,melasma are: 1)10% Mandelic acid serum(controls acne,melasma and acne discolorations)This is my 12th month of using mandelic acid and i just love it. 2)Eucerin extra protective lotion with SPF 30 3)Almay smoothing skin refinisher(i use this as my night cream and it has brightened my complexion) 4)Maybelline Everfresh makeup with spf 14,Nude shade(never broke me out) 5)Queen helen mint julep mask(a wonderful mask to tighten the pores)
  3. Miserable-Yes,it helps to get rid of melasma,as i had very stubborn melasma .Nothing seemed to help me.Lustra with 4% hydroquinone,retin-A and several other prescriptions made my melasma worse.MA helped me to get rid of melasma but i have to apply my sunscreen religiously.HTH.
  4. Hi, This is the 9th month of using mandelic acid and skin is pretty much the same as it was during 5th-6th month.I get pimples now and then. 95% of melasma is gone 5% is still there.I can say that MA controls acne but not completely But that is sufficient for me,i guess.
  5. Try honey as a face mask.It will help to get rid of redness and it is a great moisturiser.
  6. Hi,it has been 6 months and 15 days since using mandelic acid and i broke out third time badly within last 15 days.I don't know what is wrong and i am getting big cysts this time. Has my acne developed resistance against MA ? Now, we know that percentage of algae extract has not been changed so we can't blame it.I am applying MA twice rather than once.I haven't included anything new in my regimen.ahhhhh. .
  7. I think that Nucelle people will be careful in future while listing ingredients .
  8. I have three bottles of mandelic acid. First two bottles i ordered ,have algae extract on 6th number and third bottle has algae extract on 3rd number.According to FDA ,ingredients should be in descending order of their percentage.See,ingredients are same but %age of algae is different.I don't know why do companies mess with their products when the product is doing great .Algae is good for moisturising the skin but it is comedogenic and irritant.I am using third bottle and it is not effective as
  9. There is some confusion going on this board regarding new mandelic acid , they didn't change the formula but increased the amount of algae extract , what i wrote on page 38 was: BTW,i got third bottle of mandelic acid yesterday and it is different from the one we were using.They have increased the percentage of algae extract which is considered comedogenic and irritant .I am not happy to see this .Why did they do it ?
  10. Hey,just wanna tell you that i have got that light reflecting undereye concealer ,it is very good for covering dark circles under my eyes.It is physicians formula wanderfull wand in yellow as i am very pale.It is working fine for me.
  11. You only need thread(#40 or #42) for it.I buy thread from indian salons ,one of my friends does threading with the normal sewing thread.I never tried that ,though.
  12. Threading is a hair removal procedure in which a thread is used to remove hair.Read this: http://www.the-complete-hair-removal-guide...ir-removal.html
  13. They don't say it but if you read the ingredients ,algae extract was on sixth number in the list of ingredients and now it is on third number.You know,ingredients in any product are listed in descending order of their percentage.
  14. Why don't you do threading? It is the best way to remove facial hair .I do it on my eyebrows, upper lip and chin all by myself.No bumps,no irritation .