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    my daughter & husband, biology, histology (i'm such a nerd), the show House, M.D., makeup & skincare, and acne.org
  1. i want to thank everyone for all the great advice
  2. how do you know if you're more yellow or pink?? thank you so much for the fast response, sephora28!
  3. could someone explain the difference between the foundation colors NC and NW....and how you know which one to pick? the closest mac counter is over an hour away from where i live, but i am wanting to try some of their foundation...so, i guess i am going to try and eyeball the color i need... i am very pale...i always have to get the lightest colors in foundation...but i have read that for some light people mac is still too dark... thanks so much for any help in advance
  4. lauramck05

    about me!

    pics of my life
  5. oh, thanks... i have been there, too...that site and essential day spa are the reasons why i haven't given up yet [on obagi]... i really love acne.org too, though!! ...such great advice from the message boards and reviews!
  6. thanks for the message...and good luck to you, too! hope you're recovering nicely...i hear ya about partying and stuff...i don't have the confidence anymore to even go out w/my friends...good luck 2 ya!

  7. Hello i am new here, but i have been searching for others using obagi (there aren't that many ) and i stumbled upon your post...my clear, sunfader, and blender all contain 4 % hq if i am recalling correctly...those could possibly help, but as the previous poster stated, it might take much longer...they say they're prescription strength, though! sorry if i am not much help...is there a reason you can't handle retin-a...i know i have been wanting to give up lately because of all the peeling an