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  1. im going with " my parachute didnt open"
  2. Recently I finished a 5 month course of accutane... so my skin is stilll fairly sensitive and susceptible to injury. (which is why they tell you not to get any type of invasive scar removal procedure done, because it could potentially leave permanent hyperpigmentation/scars) Anyways... was drunk the other night and ended up making bad decisions to wrestle a bunch of friends on my hardwood floors.... ended up gettting a SHITLOAD of brushburns and cuts on my face... which i know will not heal
  3. Have you started to break out again, what have you been doing to prevent breakouts/ oil?
  4. It has been 2 weeks since i finished a 5 month regimen of accutane (30,60,60,60,80) and face is already getting really oily again, my lips are back to normal but there like a ring of dry skin around them, eyes are still a bit dry. For those who are post tane, have you noticed your oil has come back.. and if so .. has it led to acne coming back??? Should i start using BP??
  5. watch out, i never scarred before taking accutane... and while i was on it.. my cheeks got all dented up
  6. So this is probably a dumb question.. but i am a guy... and i know nothing about this... I have some hyperpigmentation I have been covering up with concealer.. and i guess i am kind of stuck doing it until they fade.. Does concealer clog pores/ cause acne? I am using Almay nearly naked cover up stick. (it says it does not clog pores) But i was wondering what professionals (girls) experienced
  7. Have you tried any chemical peels, dermabrasions....etc to lessen your scarring? in certain individuals like you and me that is certainly the case. My scarring is quite clearly and with a doubt, a result of accutane. I know what u mean about dermtatologists not acknowledging that accutane can scar. When you think about it they are contradicting themselves. They are happy to tell you that you shouldn't have any kind of treatment on your skin for 6 months after accutane because of the risk
  8. I am in the same situation... except on my my 5th month... Definitly dont do anything to irritate your skin (peels, acids etc).. I have been using Emu oil which seems to be helping.. stay well hydrated.. maybe some Omega's ..Good luck with the rest of your treatment.
  9. I was wondering what people thought was worse.. 1.) Mild/moderate acne w/ occasional cysts that do not scar. or 2.) No acne, but alot of hyperpigmentation and scarring. My reason for debate is.. I have had mild/moderate acne for a good 5 years now, but the thing is.. they would never leave scars and hyperpigmentation would be gone in a week. After five years of this.... progressively getting worse,, i decided to go on accutane for 6 months.. Currently I am on my 5th month.. and i am not b
  10. So earlier this year i recieved 5 treatments, the last was on Feb 20th. in the following months i noticed my skin gradually getting better. and instead of dealing with breakouts of 5-10 pimples.. i would only get 1 or 2. Even though my skin was never perfect. I look back now and realized how much it had improved. It was hard to really notice the effects at the time because it was so gradual. But, in the last month or so i have been getting my pre-ppx breakouts again, which is why i am back
  11. 2/19/08 This post is for JP. Sorry I havn't been posting, but i guess thats a good thing if im not so concerned with my face- i dont think to write. It's funny you sent me that message because I just got back from receiving my 5th treatment today. Up to now, I would say i am happy with the treatments. I have been getting a treatment about every 2/3 weeks. Its slow, but im starting to think it was worth it. first off.. my acne wasnt outrageously bad, but enough to make me self conscious abo
  12. My second treatment went alot better, I switched it back to the lowest setting and it seemed to not irritate my skin as much... no big break out. and as the dead skin flakes off i see signs of improved skin tone. Im hoping the long term effects will be worth it.
  13. For all you curious folk... here is another first hand account of the Aesthera PPX therapy. I just recieved my first treatment a little more than a week ago. Despite what ads say.. this is kinda of irritating. doesnt quite hurt, but its uncomfortable. If your skin is senstive, which it probbly is if you have acne.. make sure you start off with the lowest setting.. and bring some calming lotion to apply right after your treatment. My experience was fine, although i think i should have started