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  1. I've used MOM for several months now and really like how it works for me. I use my foundation brush to apply after bp, but before mineral makeup. I brush a light coat on and just brush off any white powder residue left on my face. I only use it on my T-zone, because my cheeks tend to have dry skin on them. I don't have to blot the oil on my face until after noon (I put my makeup on at 5:30 a.m.) and that just around my nose. My pores are cleaner and my face feels smoother after using this.
  2. I went to Sally's Beauty Supply and got a $3 facial brush. It does the same thing. You determine the amount of pressure used. When I clean my face I just use the brush just before I rinse. I notice the blackheads on my nose seem to be clearing up some, since I started using this brush. Some people use a baby's hairbrush but I found that to be like using a wire scrub brush, the brush from Sally's has bristles that aren't as stiff as a baby's hairbrush. You don't have to use a lot of pressur
  3. I went on Youtube and found a recipe for brush cleaner that works great and doesn't cost a lot to make. Do a search for brush cleaner and it is the one by EnKoreMakeup.
  4. Thats how I do it. I apply my bp let it soak in for about 15 min. Apply my moisturizer, and while it is soaking in I fix my hair. Then apply my make up.
  5. Shizz I have to agree with you. I found out I was a diabetic and changed my diet and found that my acne went away completely. I then ate some food with simple sugars in it and my face broke out. I am now watching my diet again and the acne is clearing up. I know it is my diet because before my face didn't clear up ever.
  6. I have small (3/16") white spots on my face (cheek bones). They aren't scars because the just seem to appear. I have gotten about four more just in the last couple of days. I use a CPAP machine when I sleep and they are where the straps come down to hold the nose piece in. The skin is smooth where they are. Would appriciate any suggestions as to what these are or what I can do about them.
  7. Are you moisturizing twice? You don't have to use a seperate moisturizer if your using a tinted moisturizer (unless it is one with SPF). I don't have that problem with a tinted moisturizer but sometime I do with my regular moisturizer. I just thought it was because I didn't wait long enough between the BP-moisturizer. Sorry not much help.
  8. I use mineral oil which is the same as baby oil only without the scent. I haven't had any problems with it. I use a warm wet washcloth to gently take the oil off with then cleanse my face with my basis soap. BP, moisturize, and I done. Everything is trial and error, just keep trying till you find the right product for you. Good Luck.
  9. I found out how to clean my makeup brushes by getting on youtube and looking up how to clean makeup brushes. There is even one site that gives you a recipe for a brush cleaner. I make it and it works great. If you clean your brushes well you you can use them even after using them on bad makeup.
  10. It soothes the upset, irritated stomace and it is suppose to do the same for your face. Pepto also has asprine in it but not enough to do what you want it to for your face.
  11. I just did my facial with a asprin & pepto bismol mask, and my face feels wonderful. It is so soft and smooth. I can't believe how great it looks and feels. I took 5 uncoated asprin and crushed them up then put about a tablespoon of pepto bismol in it. Mix it up and put it on my just cleansed face (avoiding the eyes). I left it on for about 15 min. then rinsed it off, and washed my face with Basis soap.
  12. I wash my face twice a day. Morning then at night to take off my makeup. If for some reason I have done something to make me sweat a lot I might wash my face during the day, but I try not to do anything to make myself sweat. I've done it Dan's way for a year now and my skin is cleaner than its ever been.
  13. I'm 47 and started getting acne in my early 20's. Skin is so much better since I have been on Dan's regimine for the last year.
  14. I also get acne on my scalp. I wash my hair as usual, then put Neutrogena Acne Eliminating spot Gel on the zit. You can apply it as often as you want. I carry the tube in my purse and apply it when I think of it. It helps speed up the drying out of the zit. I don't know how to prevent the zits from starting on my head, just treat them as they come. Sorry I wasn't anymore of a help. Oh by the way 47 years old and still have acne. Started getting it in my early 20's and it's still happenin
  15. I don't use AHA during the day only at night and I use Neutrogena oil-free fresh moisture. During the day I use Neutrogena oil-free Moisture w/SPF 15 (my make up also has an SPF 15 in it.