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  1. this is going pretty well for me. the blotchiness is down, i just shaved for the first time in a week with my electric shaver, and for the first time basically ever, i didn't have a bunch of red dots popping up along my jaw line, just a bunch of dead skin coming up, which came off pretty easily. still have 2 red spots where i just had pimples above my upper lip that just don't seem to want to go away, but i'm sure they will fade with time. all this time i've been told to wash my face more by p
  2. those that are far along in the process, do you still get active pimples?
  3. Is it normal to have blotchy, red skin while doing this regimen. I have been doing it for about 4 weeks probably, (the first three weeks I washed my face with cold water twice a day, the last week I have stopped washing my face completely.) My skin is really blotchy around my cheekbones and around the nose. My skin is the clearest it has been in a very long time though and my face isn't quite as oily anymore. The skin just looks very uneven around my cheeks and a darker red in some spots. I
  4. No, I haven't been to a derm, although I've considered it a few times. I've tried the regimen on here and was on it for about 8 months, was the closest thing I had to perfectly clear skin. Started to get really flaky skin, the red marks weren't going away and even some new ones started to come up, and my skin was extremely oil. I even added the jojoba oil and aha with little luck. I think I'm just going to stick this out for now. If it gets to the point where the acne gets out of control, t
  5. I know all I ever do when I come on here is complain, but this allows me to vent even if no one will ever read this. I quit using products, starting take 3 1200mg fish oil pills, 1 vitamin d pill, and 1 shot of apple cider vinegar a day. I also started taking cold showers and running cold water over my face in the morning. At first, my skin started to look better. Red marks were going away, my skin became less oily, and i started to see pimples disappearing left and right. After 2 weeks, my
  6. That's a good story and all, and I'm happy for people who are able to find that person who can accept them for who they are, but unfortunately for someone like me, I just don't see that ever being the case. When you're a 19 yo guy in college who's 5'6" with acne and poor self esteem because of it, your chances are shot. I dated a girl for 2 years, had a few other girlfriends here and there, but ever since I've had acne, I just haven't been the same person.
  7. thanks for the tip, i've been on here for a while and have never heard that one before. the olive oil won't clog my pores(well, more than they probably are)?

  8. Hellooooo all, I have had acne since I was about 15. I am now 19 and still just as frustrated with it as ever. Long story short, I have always had a problem with the products I use. Sometimes my face clears up about 75 to 80 percent and even sometimes a little more than that, but I always end up getting really dry and oily skin. I have tried so many different moisturizers in my life and most of them make me break out, or just make my skin even more greasy looking. Very rarely do they succee
  9. Thanks, it's always nice to know there's somewhere I can go where people will listen and give helpful advice. This is very helpful and hopefully I can take it to heart that my personality will outweigh my acne in terms of a person's attention.
  10. Thanks for the reply. I don't feel that I turn to alcohol just to solve my acne problems or for any of my other problems for that matter, I just feel that I'll be more myself when I drink. I definitely don't drink just because of my acne. Although you make a good point that people will only make as much of a deal about my acne as I do, it's a lot easier thing to say than to follow. I have tried telling myself that a million times before going out, whether it be going out to socialize or just to
  11. So I am in college. I love to party. Unlike the other guys i live with though, my thoughts don't revolve around what girl i'm going to hook up with that night, but what my face looks like. Not that I'd be looking for random hook ups if i had clear skin, because I was always more of a relationship person before my acne got realll bad, but sometimes I feel that i drink just to not feel so self-conscious about my acne and be more myself around people. Of course, it never works, and I end up just
  12. I used it for a couple weeks, and my skin still became oily like any other moisturizer I have ever tried after I used it.
  13. anyone try this? seems like a nother "too good to be true thing", but idk, that could just be me being a pessimist. if anyone decides to go on the site and get their own personalized regimen, feedback would be nice.