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  1. I sorta forgot all about this board. Sorry to anyone who was at all interested in it. Basically nothing has got any better. My next appointment is april 3rd and im most likely going to go on accutane. I'll try to get some pics up sometime soon. Thanks to everyone who's said something nice. It means alot.
  2. alright well thats what this whole damn thing is a place where people come to complain so a stranger can pick them up or for someone to find someones story they can relate to or find something to help them so yeah i came here and i complained and everyone who said something nice thank you so much. Oh and god yeah im totally full of myself. Im on acne.org posting pictures of my acne. I must be a stuck up son of a bitch
  3. Yeah I've realized any kind of dark soda just f's my skin. So i drink nothing but water. But I'm gonna start with some BP and the tretinoin. See what happens. Thanks for all your help. Ill keep ya posted.
  4. Thanks man, I don't want to make it seem like I'm suicidal or super depressed or anything. I might have been a little hard on myself saying I have no friends and making it seem like everyone hates me. Just at times its like woah wtf is happening, ya know? I do still have an amazing girlfriend whos stuck by me through all this and in a way i just want it to go away for her. Cuz the way I look now she is way out of my league. But anyone who replies to this I thank you so much.
  5. Alright wow, I don't really even know where to start. I guess if you're reading this I wanna start by saying I don't want anyone feeling sorry for me because I know most of the things I'm going to say here will sound like I am depressed and one step away from edge. Maybe I am, who knows. I always had really mild acne, no big deal. Nothing I could just over look in the mirror and everyone else could when they looked at me. If anyone who knows me or has seen me on myspace, since i know i was