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  1. Ok, for a start i never said i took 20 pills a day - and the figures im throwing at you are just to give you an idea, I'm not possessive about how much im taking and when im taking them etc... For example Im clear right now and i think i've taken 6-7 today and thats all i'll be taking. As far as the breaking out without them, the breakouts as just the same as they would be without taking the pills - oh and i do hope i grow out of acne at some stage of course - don't we all? Its not like i sel
  2. Hmm...** I gaze into thin air and wonder while stroking my spotless chin ** :think: :dance:
  3. I'd just quit dans regimen to be honest mate, but yes take 3-4 with each meal to begin with ( to be honest i just take whenever i want to now just as long as im not taking say...more than 15 in a day). As for the red marks and scarring well...it does help red marks but i still have some dull scars that no one else would probably be able to notice but i know they are there. My skin is far from perfect though and - i put it down to smoking mostly ( which i really want to quit). And if you c
  4. I saw results in days and was clear within 1 - 2 weeks. My acne was cystic around my neck plus always had at least 2-3 whiteheads on my face. I take a multivitamin each day also but just to be healthy inside i guess. I buy 2-3 packs of 90 550mg pills at a time, costing £7.99 (uk) per pack.
  5. Nope, Ive been looking for changes but theres nothing niticable, the only thing is if i take 2-3 on an empty stomoch i get hungry, thats why i take them with food.
  6. I started taking Vitamin b5 550mg pills months ago - I took about 15-18 a day and when i had no acne left I just started taking 2-3 after every meal ( taking with food allows more of the B5 to be absorbed apparently ). I stopped for a week at a point and my acne came back but now its gone again and i don’t give it a second thought so this might work for you too. It is expensive to keep it up but just stop buying cleansers and other pointless stuff and I’m sure you could afford it. Sorry I
  7. dunno man im trying to detox too and im wondering the same thing, ive been drinking green tea and taking probiotics and my acne is doin crazy sh** like this morning i got up and all my pimples were white heads, i dunno if its good but at least its safe to say we both know diet must be affecting our skin in some way, the reason i started taking this stuff is cause i think mine may be caused by candida so yea looks like it might be i'd like to know if anybody knows if this is good or bad too.
  8. why did u look? - i dont know how to delete my post so...yea
  9. Ive been reading a lot of reviews in the treatment reviews section of the site and all the really good products with five happy face raitings and NO bad reviews seem to be discontinued?,yet all the crapy brands with big advertising campaigns that never work for anyone like,clearasil or nutrogena and bla bla bla are all still available everywhere. I cant help but think theres some kind of conspiracy going on here, AM I THE ONLY ONE?