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  1. I used Cetaphil gentle cleanser, a 2.5% BP gel, and mainly Cetaphil dry/sensitive skin moisturiser. I say "mainly" because I didn't always use it. I had a horrible experience with it once (I applied it after BP just like the Regimen says, and suffered excruciating burning and redness until I re-washed my face. I didn't find much flaking when I used the BP (my skin's naturally oily and the cleanser didn't affect that so my skin was already pretty well set, I think) so more often than not I went w
  2. Okay, a little history before we get started. I first started using the regimen around May of this year, and found my skin clear (apart from some leftover red marks and the odd bump) by the end of June. Then, for some reason, I stopped using it and my acne has returned. I'm desperate to get back on it again, because it really did work wonders for my skin (and self esteem), but I get a lot of redness and some itching when I use it, and this puts me off. I work four days a week in retail, and it'