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  1. Okay, that sounds okay. Who knows what sort of effects it will have had on your skin another 4 months from now. Have you heard of the baby brush method before? Maybe try that. It's basically gentle exfoliation through a gentle brush. Ie. helping your skin exfoliate the upper layer of your skin more easily. Also in your situation, I would be tempted to combine it (beginning very slowly to allow skin to get accustomed) with mandelic acid 10% (or another acid). I don't really know if that's usua
  2. When you shave hair it doesn't come back more and more. That's a simple fact.
  3. You have a theory. Now you need to test it. Or it'll just remain speculative.
  4. What is the norwegian formula anyway? Just sounds funny to a norwegian that a ukguy would be using something like that... Anyway, maybe try replacing olive oil with jojoba oil. Mix 2-3 drops in wet hands and rub onto wet face. If you want some fancy jojoba mixture try out vita-oil by lindasy (lindasy.com) which is jojoba oil mixed with lecithin, a natural antioxidant and esters of vitamins A, C and D. Can't guarantee it will be better for your skin but some sites do claim jojoba is less come
  5. Best is usually relative when it comes to skincare. On this board you'll have many using SA as mentioned above, mandelic acid and topical retinoids (green cream or prescription strength like differin). There are also other acids to try out. The "baby brush" method is also popular, ie. a gentle brush tool to help exfoliate skin. If you want to go real hardcore on them, you could even try accutane (maybe low dose over a long period of time). Often, more than one of the above is used together i
  6. Well, usually in society, expensive products are better than cheaper ones. Which is good, because it gives you an additional marker for quality most of the time. When it comes to cleansers and moisterizers though, it's all a very subjective field and I would never bet on a 50 dollar cleanser working better than a 10 dollar one. Just as an example... you could pay 70 bucks for a very advanced formulation researched in the finest laboratories, yet at the end of the day, you might find dabbing
  7. It's difficult. Some choices will have to be made. Let me say it like this... I had blackheads for 10 years (so no, for me, they didn't exactly go away by themselves it's safe to say!). They probably enlarged my pores quite a bit over the years. Now I'm mostly rid of them, but my pores... they're huge! If I had managed to keep them under control 10 years ago, today my skin might've looked much better! No way of knowing for sure of course. But if I had the choice knowing what I know today, I
  8. Mandelic acid, green cream and finally accutane did a job on them, that's how... So no magic cure, just some good old fashioned acid and medicines which will probably have to be continued to be used or else they'll come back.
  9. Unfortunately, having had blackheads for 10+ years, I'm not so sure my pores will shrink significantly with time now that they're finally clearing. We're talking extensive damage over many here. But who knows with long term retinoid use and what else have you. It's just a bit disappointing that you finally have the answer to get rid of blackheads, and then you find you're stuck with pores which look larger instead, and from there on it's a much more difficult problem than the blackheads repres