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  1. hi there i tried all the "facial" sunscreens that you can find in the drug store. every one of them burned and stung very badly about three minutes after I applied. after much trial and error, the only one I now use is Dermalogica's Super Sensitive Faceblock SPF 30 i know dermalogica doesn't get the best reviews on these boards. but they have a few products that i love...and the faceblock is one of them. it's pricey, but worth it IMO. have a great vacation!
  2. I was on BCP for almost 12 years. I tried stopping it about three years ago b/c I had convinced myself I was going to get cancer or something... Anyway, when I started the pill I had never had skin problems. When I stopped three years ago, my skin broke out like crazy. Like nothing I had ever experienced before. I tried waiting it out (for about 6 months) to see if things would normalize. Didn't happen. My gyno convinced me to go back on b/c I was so miserable about my skin and she assure
  3. i never tried sunflower oil, but i do use a combo of castor & jojoba - purchased from my local health food store just know that each oil has a different cleaning/moisturizing quality meaning, for example, i cannot use a straight 50/50 mix of castor and jojoba - the castor oil is too harsh so i use more of a 25% castor / 75% jojoba mix if you add sunflower to the mix, i would imagine that would have its own qualities that you would have to account for too but for me, i having figured out
  4. First a bit of background: My acne issues began a relatively short time ago - only about a year (at the time I was 31 years old). I've always had very, very sensitive, combination skin. But out of the blue last May-ish...and for about three months...I was more miserable about my appearance than I can accurately convey. Out of the blue, my cheeks, chin and forehead broke out into clusters of inflamed and ITCHY pimples. I wasn't sure what was going on, so I didn't seek out a dermatologist u
  5. i have been really good about not picking at things for the last few months. but yesterday i couldn't help myself. i had...have...a pimple right above the corner of my mouth. it wasn't terribly big. and you couldn't totally see it. but it hurt. a lot. and it was really annoying me. i spent about three days slathering it with stuff, but it wasn't going away. last night i just started poking and squeezing at it. and about 30 minutes later...of course i knew the damage had been done. now
  6. I'm really wasn't sure where to post this question. Hopefully it's alright here. I am looking for a recommendation for an esthetician in the NYC area. Brooklyn or the city. I'm a relatively new acne sufferer. My problems began last summer. I went through three doctors and 5 scripts for antibiotics before I found this site and got my skin relatively under control with OTC products. So...before my skin problems, I used to just go to my favorite dayspa for a facial. But I haven't gone since
  7. paracetamol is Tylenol. which is not an anti-inflammatory people say that taking an over-the-counter pain medication that has an anti-inflammatory mechanism of action, such as aspirin or aleve, will benefit the inflammation associated with acne. but tylenol is a totally different kind of drug. if you are looking for something to help with inflammation, you need aspirin or naproxen. you can search "aleve" on the boards and you'll find quite a bit good luck
  8. thanks, ayla! i have to credit you with giving the tip to add H2O to the aloe when it was causing a burning sensation - thank you! i considered the lily topical, but that seemed to have lots of ingredients and so i opted for the aubrey. i'll definitely going to check out the mountain rose product. guessing you have to refrigerate it, right? i'll just deal. it's not that huge an issue. just tough for traveling... i'll have to figure that out.
  9. i had been pretty happy with my regimen for the past several weeks. i had made a switch to using a combo of aloe and jojoba as my moisturizer. (plus sunscreen during the day) the aloe was burning a bit at first. but got great advice from the boards to dilute it with a bit of water since straight-up aloe can be drying. anyway, was going fine. but i ran out of my first bottle of aloe. and i was lazy b/c the bottle i had purchased was an ingestible-quality aloe gel from lily of the dessert.
  10. Paracetamol is acetaminophen or Tylenol here in the US. It has a totally different mechanism of action than aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid), which is considered an "NSAID" - non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. Other NSAIDs are ibuprofen (Advil) and naproxen (Aleve). But I do not think either of these are salicylate derivates. Aspirin, on the other hand, is a derivative of salicylic acid. Bottom line - I don't think you can just crush up any over-the-counter painkiller into a mask and exp
  11. thanks, jennstar. not sure exactly what i was thinking/expecting re: skin coming out of skin. i guess i just thought i would slowly start to seeing blackheads fade, which would mean they were coming out. but then i had read a few different posts of people literally seeing "plugs" coming out of their skin. and i've definitely not seen any of this. thanks for sharing your timeline. i was and am planning to stick with it - just was looking for some confirmation/comfort in knowing that most ot
  12. i've been using Nucelle for a couple of weeks (not certain of exact number of days) as i previously posted right after starting, i pretty quickly started developing red acne-seeming bumps in places where i hadn't specifically noticed blackheads or visibly clogged pores. like on my cheeks, chin and below my nose. however, i didn't get any of these types of bumps on my nose, where i definitely do have blackheads. it's not absolutely horrible...meaning it's not like my whole face is just breaki
  13. i've been struggling with moisturizer options...so about five days ago, i decided to try and go a more natural product route and just use some aloe with a bit of jojoba oil. (i've been using jojoba as an exfoliant without any issue for at least a month) the first night i used the combo without any problem. second day - morning was fine. that night, i noticed that about two minutes after i had rubbed it in...my face flushed and felt very warm. decided to keep going and have determined tha
  14. ok, so this is the case (purging) whether there be visible blackheads or not... b/c the bumps i'm getting...now on my chin too!!...were not associated with any visible clogs... at least i didn't think so. but i will stay the course and give it another couple of weeks. thanks, jenna.