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  1. I’ve had it. My face is literally destroyed from breaking out in the past few months. Still have some cysts but not as many... still have some closed comedones but way less... scarred horrifically from the cystic acne. Indents and hyperpigmentation. I feel like under the light I look like a burn victim. I’m just washing with a salicylic acid wash now. Had to stop the BP again because of the irritation and burned skin... peeling and flaking and it just wouldn’t stop. My face wouldn’t just get used to it this time. It made it worse too. Right now I’m on 50mg of spironolactone from the dermatologist and while my face isn’t worse, it’s not a lot better either. I have new cysts along my jaw and neck too. Bad ones. Can spiro cause initial outbreaks? I’ve been on it for a little over a month. How long before you notice results? Is the 50mg dose too low you think? Tbh my face is causing me severe depression and I feel hopeless against my breakouts at this point. I’ve been on accutane once in the past as a last resort. I never imagined I’d get it back worse than ever less than 10 years later. I really don’t want to go on it again but the spiro isn’t doing a whole lot. I’m 32. I already had scars that I tried to fade or years, only to be hit another round of cystic acne and worse scars.
  2. seashellstarfish

    nothing is working- acne won’t go away

    Perhaps it’s hormones? You could ask the derm about checking your hormones.
  3. Back in April I stopped using BP... like many others, I read up about long term affects of using it and how it can be damaging to your skin. Well, I regret it. Looking back, that’s when my skin started acting up. What’s damaging to your skin is acne. Shortly after weaning myself of BP, I broke out into a million closed comedones. Miserable. After much distress I went back to BP. The purging stage is REAL OMG. Almost all of the CC have turned into big, red inflamed pimples and some cysts. My face is an embarrassing disaster and I’m waiting for my referral to see the dermatologist again. I attached two pics. One is when I had mostly CC, the second pic is now - big red inflamed acne. I regret ever quitting BP and will stick to it from now on... I live in a climate with heat and humidity and pollution, plus I’m acne prone. ...and there’s nothing I can do about those factors. BP it is. I just hope this purging ends soon because it’s so so depressing. I am however glad that closed comedones are almost gone, it just sucks that they have to erupt into volcanoes to go away.
  4. Hey. So... I’m still breaking out. Mostly the bottom half of my face. My jaw, under my cheekbones... it’s depressing because I already have scars there from my former cystic acne ten years ago. It’s cystic too. It hurts. I’m using benzoyl peroxide lotion but I think I will need to ask my doctor for something oral, as topical just isn’t stopping the cysts. I have done a lot of reading about spironolactone being an androgen blocker. I truly believe I have high levels of androgens and am waiting for the results of my blood test. Has anyone been on this before? Did it help the cystic acne? I’m sure there will be side effects, but I’m willing to have them for clear skin. Having cystic acne again is making my mental health really bad. Severe depression and anxiety from it. I just want to hide inside my room all day but of course I can’t. I have been on accutane ten years ago for cystic acne, and although it cleared me up, it returned after a year. Plus it made my already terrible depression and suicidal thoughts a lot worse, so that’s not an option for me. The only birth control that has ever agreed with me was yaz, but my insurance won’t let me have it anymore. I have been dairy free for years. I recently went gluten free. My face is no better and just worse. I feel at my wits end dealing with this again. Please tell me there’s some hope for possibly using spiro?
  5. seashellstarfish

    Pityrosporum Folliculitis HELP?

    About a month ago I started to break out, mostly with what looked like closed comedones. Before that it was nice and clear. I just used my salicylic acid wash and Lush tea tree toner. My skin has been fantastic for a long time except a couple pimples near my period. This recent disaster kinda happened while I was spending some time outside in the humid weather all day, sweating to death. By the end of those days my skin was oily as a bucket of slime and dry and flaky - yikes. Before I knew it, closed comedone hell. After using basic acne treatments (SA, BP, sulfur mask), with still no relief of the closed comedones, I began to research pityrosporum folliculitis. I’m pretty sure that’s what’s going on all over my cheeks and jaw. There is some inflamed hormonal acne which I attribute to high stress levels and androgen release.. (very recently reported a brutal rape incident to police and struggling with ptsd.. talking about it in detail being recorded was a nightmare.) The inflamed acne is actually getting better believe it or not. But the closed comedone bumps, are getting worse as if they’re spreading. I think it’s PF because it itches terribly. My acne has never itched before and as you can tell by my scarring, I’ve had acne before. Also for about 5 months or so my diet was mostly bread/yeast products. I was depressed during that time so ate comfort foods. Recently I’ve switched to gluten free and have been eating much healthier (mainly the paleo diet). I hear that eliminating bread and yeast foods can clear PF. Also using my tea tree toner again because I heard it’s an anti fungal, and provides immediate relief from the itching. Does this look like PF to you? If so, what’s the secrets to treating it? Please help. I’m isolating myself because I can’t stand being seen. It’s making me so depressed I’m fantasizing about suicide. I’m on an antidepressant right now.
  6. seashellstarfish

    Is my skin purging???

    Thank you!
  7. seashellstarfish

    How to get rid of these bumps all over face

    I have the same problem recently. I am now stopping eating gluten to see if that helps, and using my favorite benzoyl peroxide lotion again which seems to be bringing them to a surface. I’m broken out bad right now and it makes me feel miserable.
  8. seashellstarfish

    Is my skin purging???

    So what happened was that I stopped using my benzoyl peroxide lotion a couple months ago. Also a bunch of stress happened, overdried my skin, so I broke out. I ended up getting a TON of closed comedones. And a few cysts! This week I started using my benzoyl peroxide again. There is now less closed comedones but a few large pimples where most of the closed comedones are around. I’ve used benzoyl peroxide before with great results, but I don’t know if I remember my face purging. Not used to this comedones acne. Could that be what’s going on?
  9. seashellstarfish

    Closed Comedones around mouth!!

    A couple months ago I broke out with a ton of closed comedones around the sides of my chin. Looks terrible under light. I finally found that using Clinique Acne Solitions all over clearing treatment (benzoyl peroxide lotion) is clearing them away very quickly. I was using the Paula’s choice benzoyl peroxide and it wasn’t working like this, but the Clinique one is working. I hate closed comedones and I’m amazed they’re clearing so quickly as I’ve been stuck with them for months before.
  10. seashellstarfish

    Help, I overdried my skin :(

    So I made two big mistakes with my skin. It was breaking out with closed comedones and I panicked. Didn’t think things through. Had anxiety and acted impulsively. First, I overexfoliated. I knew my skin was already overexfoliated and I should have left it alone but I didn’t. I irritated it more... Then, I used benzoyl peroxide lotion for the first time in weeks thinking it would magically get things under control. Today, my face is dry, tight, red, flaky and peeling. I had to take my anxiety medication again after not in a while. All I’m doing now is washing with water and my face wash then moisturizer and trying to hydrate from the inside out by drinking excess water. Is there anything I can do to calm down all the peeling and dry skin or do I just have to wait it out. Also terrified my skin is going to break out badly because of this. What can I do to prevent a breakout from overdrying my skin? Is there any hope or am I doomed for major problems? I realize I messed up badly by irritating my skin and have learned my lesson.
  11. seashellstarfish

    Closed comedones help

    Okay awesome. I’m hoping that will help. I’m glad it’s helpibg you.
  12. seashellstarfish

    Closed comedones help

    One of my biggest concerns right now are closed comedones. I have had them before, and nothing got rid of them. They stayed for even years at a time. Eventually what happens, is they turn into a huge cyst. I’m worried because recently, in addition to high stress, I fiddled around with supplements and my usual skincare by stopping using benzoyl peroxide (big mistake) and dried my skin out, causing clogged pores and now I have tons of closed comedones. They’re not red, just ugly and bumpy. Very small. Not blackheads or white heads. I’m in process of going back to my old regimen of washing with salicylic acid, tea tree toner and a benzoyl peroxide lotion and moisturizer. Also stopping the supplements I was taking which included Ashwagandha, which was supposed to help my stress and skin, but I read it can increase DHEAS levels which can cause acne. My question is what can I do about the closed comedones? Will the salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide prevent these from turning into cysts? Life has just been stressful lately and I’m exhausted mentally being a highly sensitive person. Having a hard time with depression and anxiety because of breaking out, which of course makes it all worse. I wish I had left everything I was doing as it was.
  13. The best my skin ever does - regardless of diet, vitamin supplements, etc... is when I’m using benzoyl peroxide. I have been on accutane, all of the antibiotics, birth control pills, supplements (some of which I do believe help), and of course all the millions of acne products. Recently, my skin was doing so well I thought maybe I didn’t need benzoyl peroxide anymore. I started feeling concerned about putting the chemicals on my face etc... and wanted to try a more natural approach with vitamins and was hoping my salicylic acid face wash and tea tree toner would be enough (which I still swear by, I love Lush’s Tea Tree toner). Well I was wrong! The only thing I changed about my routine was stopping benzoyl peroxide. After stopping the benzoyl peroxide lotion, my face broke out bad! At first it seemed fine, just a couple zits... but I started getting lots of closed comedones all over my face (UGH) and then cysts started appearing along my cheek/jaw area. Right now my face is a mess. And I recently started dating too, which now I have to cancel all dates until my face clears up because there’s no way I’m going to be seen like this. So, I decided to go back to using my benzoyl peroxide lotion as of today. I have heard of this happening with other people. I think that I just have no choice but to permanently use the BP. I think without it, my acne will just always be. I’m just curious, have any of you had success going off BP without breaking out? Did you go back to it? Is it just something that acne-prone people need forever? If it is, so be it. Anything is better than the acne. Edit: I am concerned because the BP lotion because some of the ingredients in it and one includes a type of alcohol which I hate the idea of putting on my face.