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  1. I have not done any research on this and can only speak from experience. When I first started breaking out I lathered and piled on the BP every night, even after the pimples and cysts had dried up and gone down. A few months of this overload of BP, I began noticing indents that I had never had before. I ignored it and kept putting BP on top of them. As time passed those indents turned into deep, disfiguring scars. I'm not really sure where I went wrong, (whether it was my health, diet, the cysts
  2. Tanning is very tempting, but it's a temporary fix. Think about it, do you want to risk developing skin cancer for a short time of clear skin? And yes, lighting is EVERYTHING!
  3. I took a look at your pictures. I live with a face full of extremely deep scars that are very much noticable in ANY light. I would be ecstatic with your skin! I know my condition has nothing to do with you, but I also know that sometimes it's nice to be envied. Just wanted to let you know I envy you. lol. Good luck on your treatments if you wish to follow through with any.
  4. If make-up didn't exist then this forum wouldn't be very active! Also, because only a tiny percent would have it, flawless skin wouldn't be that much of an issue. Society would be much more accepting of acne, scarring, freckles, redness, etc., and because of this we would be much more comfortable and accepting of ourselves. In other words, the illusion of everyone else having perfect complexions wouldn't do such significant damage to our self-images.
  5. I have significantly deep acne scars and can find no make-up that helps with hiding their pitted appearance. Now, I'm a realistic girl. I know that I won't ever have a flawless face, not even with make up on. I just want some suggestions on what concealer would be the best choice for somewhat filling them in. As of right now, I use some kind of Cover Girl concealer. It is in liquid form. It seems to draw even more attention to my craters, and well, I'm sick of it. Thank you for reading! Oh, a
  6. 15 is such a difficult year. It was for me anyway. Well, I think that the replies to your problem offer wise and very true advice. Things really will get better. This too shall pass. As someone already said, you have to learn to love yourself for who you are. This probably sounds so "blah" right now, but as you grow older you will hopefully understand how much that statement means. There is so much more to you than your skin my darling. Embrace yourself. Make yourself the best you that you can
  7. Hey sweetheart. I'm new to this site. Nice to meet you! Anyway, after reading your post I can identify with you. It is extremely easy to sink into a depressed state of mind. I've been back and forth from that low place since 14 (I am now 23.) As far as your appearance, I know that you must hear "Looks aren't everything" and "You are fine just the way you are". I also know that those statements aren't comforting, especially to a girl who seems very intelligent and already knows that her appea
  8. i just started using vitamin e capsules its very oily does it clog pores First off, congratulations on your improvement. Most of your skin problem must have been "spots" rather than "scars" though. My scarring is very deep and indented. As far as fraxel, I've had four with no noticable improvement. I'm not being negative or preaching against the procedure. It has helped a lot with breakouts, blackheads, and texture. However, the scars as still as deep and prominent as they ever were