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  1. DAY 155 Well that's finished. I'm very relieved. That's a huge load off my mind. Skin is very good. No spots. One small lump under my skin which may need removal some other way - however this may not be acne and only I notice it, and only when I shine light a certain way - all the same I want it gone, and so it will be gone). Hair is very dry, and falls out every so often (but not at all noticeable so maybe another one grows every time one falls out). This is of mild concern. I've noticed
  2. Day 145 10 days. Can't wait (an extra day crept in somehow. I must have miscalculated)
  3. Day 138 I feel sick. I hope I don't vomit out all my roaccutane.
  4. I've checked my stocks and I only have 21 days left worth of roaccutane which brings me up to Day 154 or 155. I've decided that this will be the time I end my course. This is only 41 days on 60mg, the rest on 40mg, but I have decided that given my workload and stressload, it would be the best option to quit then, and if my skin reverts to its former self, I'll just have to go back on the drug (if so I will INSIST on getting my dose raised earlier). But hopefully that won't have to happen. I a
  5. Yes siava. Are you finished ALREADY? It is Day 133, and the days can't pass quickly enough. My lips are in shreds! And my nose is bleeding. crap.
  6. Day 130 Yay! nearing the end. My target date is 160 days. If I quit roaccutane any day after that I think I'll be okay. hmmmm, that's the 22nd of September I think
  7. Day 128 Thinking about not going on prozac after all. I've been feeling better recently. I think it's about keeping busy. Doing stuff. Still feeling tired though, and is not perfect.... I wish I had started this drug when I first wanted to
  8. Day 123 great!!! I like the look of 123. It shows how far through the course I am. I remember looking at that number a few months ago and envying the people that were so far through! Well that depressive episode I had was pretty awful. I don't know how much I can blame it on the roaccutane though. Actually that whole situation has made me realise that somebody I considered one of my best friends is actually not a friend at all. That's a pretty dramatic change which will change the status quo o
  9. Suicide seemed attractive for a brief interval. It was like one of those times when you are in such intense physical pain you want to just die. It was like that except it was emotional pain. Not pleasant. Thanks for that advice. I actually was trying to call people the whole time during that episode and it was hard to get in touch with anybody! I don't think this is due to Roaccutane though. Maybe it is, I am not sure. I know my mood swings more easily but I also know I was depressed befo
  10. Suicide entered my head earlier for the first time in a while. I feel like .. help this is not a good situation. I am not sure if it's just due to the roaccutane. I feeel like I need some kind of help
  11. This made me chuckle. I mean that in a light spirited way. I think most acne sufferers are neurotic which is why I love this board. I hope the 60mg doesn't make your nose bleed worse. I also hopes that it helps you progress more to your tastes. Keep truckin'! We're almost done!! HELP I FEEL SO DEPRESSED I FEEL LIKE CRYING
  12. Day 114 I forgot to put sun cream on the other day and I got completely burnt. My skin is still peeling. Silly me! I have also upped my own dose to 60mg/day. This is because my skin is still not perfect and both Siava and eliebellie started on the same dose but have been raised already. I don't want to have to go on this drug again so I want to make it work this time
  13. Day 105 I'm sure I just forgot to add a few things. My nose is constantly bleeding. I'm worried that this must have something to do with my liver as I am aware that alcoholics with liver failure get nose bleeds and I have been drinking a bit. Not much, but I have very low tolerance. I'm not going to have any more drinks. The other thing I noticed is that when my skin was bad last week, people looking at me, and then looking away when I looked at them. unless I'm neurotic
  14. Day 104 (I think) Well I've come this far and right now my skin is pretty much perfect. I barely need to put concealer on. It barely makes a difference. But only last week I had a cyst in a really bad place that kept me housebound for 2 days. That was DEPRESSING. That gave me two different thoughts: 1) It reminded me of how awful it feels to have unwanted extra features (large cysts) on my face. The reason I decided to take this last resort drug 2) It also made me worry that the drug is not w
  15. Day 79 I think, pretty sure. Well thanks for your reponses everyone. I have just got a huge cyst broken today. It's terrible. In a really obvious place. and I had just been admiring my skin. I just that I had read earlier that Day 80 was the day after which your skin is supposed to have settled. Well I suppose that isn't true for me. Lips seem to have some kind of fungal infection according to the dentist I went to. which is gross. Life is rather stressful at the moment. I have just starte
  16. hey elie, thanks so much for your message. It was really cool. The drug is working for me and, touch wood, no severe side effects. Best of luck to you!
  17. Day 70 (I think) Update on everything: Skin clearer and clearer - not 100% though No side effects.. other than lips. Does my hair on top feel slightly thinner? I don't know. Hard to tell. But you can't feel a difference I think I am emotionally a lot more labile. I've been on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for the past few weeks. I don't know whether it has beene extraordinary events or what but sheesh!!!! I witnessed something very sad indeed. So sad. I have also fallen in love whe
  18. Day 37 Ok for some reason my skin is oily again - how has that happened? hmmmm. not good That potential deep cyst has not grown, but not gone away and it's beginning to piss me off, especially the othr one which I thought was a scab turns out to have grown up. It's like the bad old days. I know I'm relatively early on but things seemed to be improving there for a minute. My lips are dying a slow and painful death too. And I have some peculiar rash on my hands that is itchy. Could it be ecz
  19. Day 34 My hair has not changed noticeably at all. I haven't noticed as many hairs falling out. I'd say 5 in the last 5 days that I've noticed. I had another nightmare last night, which made me sweat in bed. My skin is mostly clear apart from one potential deep cyst - the kind that seems relatively minor until you disturb it by squeezing it or scratching it and then becomes HUGE!!!!! Well that has not happened, but it hasn't gone away - but I'm not going to upset it even more. Hopefully it go
  20. Can I ask how much you went on and for how long you were on it?
  21. Usually the courses are 4-6 months as far as I've heard.