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  1. Itching and redness occurs if you're applying too much. Use less strokes when applying, try it for a month or two, and then make your judgments.
  2. i'm 28, male, with acne since i was 14. scrubs have never worked worth a damn for me. they are just not tough enough to remove the outer lay of skin you need to remove to unplug your pores. for the last month i have been using panoxyl 10% BP (bar soap). it is awesome. i use it twice a day but it does dry you out (even me, with oily skin). so you will need a good moisturizer. the KEY is to use a buf puf sponge (from walmart or wherever). rub the bar on the sponge and massage your face w
  3. Alright, I have been having some really good progress with AmLactin (12% Lactic Acid), which is an AHA. It acts as a moisturizer while a great exfoliator to "burn" off the horny outer layer of skin that causes all of our skin problems. I am thinking about kickin' it up a notch and trying something that I saw on the keratosispilaris.org board (I have this wonderful affliction as well). It's called "DCL AHA Revitalizing Lotion 20." It contains 20% glycolic acid. I know a lot of you out there
  4. If it is working and you have no pimples, why are you using anything else at all? Just a question :wacko:
  5. Aluminum Chloride causes burns and is corrosive & hazardous. Aluminum Chlorohydrate is toxic to immune system and may cause cancer. OMG......... I can't find Certain Dri (Aluminum Chloride) in New Zealand. All anti-perspirant in NZ contain either Aluminum Chlorohydrate or Aluminium tetra??clo?? whever. I just bought a anti-perspirant containing 15% Aluminum Chlorohydrate. Since many have POSITIVE results using Certain Dri, I will try the anti-perspirant I bought today despite t
  6. I'm starting this now. It sounds like this may be a better alternative to B5 all around. Who else is using Pantethine?
  7. I've stopping using certain dri. I got a few more pimples in the past couple of days. That news coupled with the fact that I'm starting B5 and a niacinamide gel has led me to stop for now. I still think that there is some real potential with this if I used it for longer than a week, but I know that B5 works for me (I used it in the past), so I'm going to go with that for now. Good luck everybody!
  8. Sampson, I'm on Day 5 today. I have to admit that my skin has definitely been less oily/sweaty since starting this. I suspect that the oil is still there but the sweat is gone, thereby making my face feel a lot drier. I had one very small "surface zit" this morning when i woke up...you know the kind that is small and already has a whitehead on it...the kind that is usually gona after a day. Since I'm only on day 5, this one could have been brewing. Other than that, I have had ZERO pimples s
  9. Where did you see that? I looked at Maxim's website and didn't see any mention of acne.
  10. Ruby (and others)...tell more about your story. How old are you? How long have you been using certain dri? How much have you cleared up? Thanks.
  11. sampson, you're def right about that. but i'm just going to have to cut the BP out entirely. i can't put BP on in the morning b/c it bleaches my clothes.
  12. one weird side effect of this. every night i apply a little bit of dan's BP to problem areas. since i started certain dri a couple of days ago, i have been applying certain dri first and then applying some BP. i wait for the certain dri to dry up before i put the BP on. when i put the BP on, when it comes into contact with the areas that have certain dri on them, the BP almost instantaneously turns into a runny liquid. am i crazy or wtf is going on? also, my face is a little itchy tonight
  13. Well, it's Day 2 today, so I can't really tell. I had some existing spots and some one thats were about to form before I tried it, so it may be a week or so before I can tell anything. What about everyone else? How is it working?
  14. I've been doing a little research on this. Certain Dri's active ingredient is Aluminum Chloride (12%). Someone actually got a patent in 1997 to use Aluminum Chlorohydrate (a very close cousin of Aluminum Chloride) as a treatment for acne: http://www.patentstorm.us/patents/5667790-fulltext.html. The trial they performed showed "major improvement" for those that used a 10% solution and above. It appears that the subjects used it overnight and washed it off in the morning. I recommend everyon
  15. I bought some today. I'm still a little wary of putting it on my face though. Who all out there besides nloo is using this and for how long? Thanks.