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  1. Could someone suggest a filling food that wont break me out?? things like snacks.
  2. Are red marks usually small or does it it vary according to size of the pimple??
  3. i would like to know this as well, because im still wondering if the initial breakout is worth it. or should i just stick to BP.
  4. Although im pretty sure its what you guys say it is, im still a bit paranoid. Does melasma cause change in both color and texture?? My brown patch feels rough and dead.
  5. yeah, that actually does sound like what i have, thanks. i was just curious because i have been using BP for a while and i dont think i have changed much routine wise. it's weird how it chose to appear there and not anywhere else. anyone else have this happen??
  6. I have been using BP for some time now and i got the normal redness and stuff. But for some reason, a small patch of brown/red today, which is darker than the normal redness. So does BP cause melasma??
  7. So far, i've only heard of Obagi. Are there any other products that contain hydroquinine 4%. And out of these products, which would you guys most recommend.
  8. I've ran a few searches on microdermabrasion and need some clearing up. Would microdermabrasion help both hyperpigmentation AND redmarks?? Also, is it safe to say that if your mark is not raised or indented, it is either a redmark or hyperpigmentation?
  9. I've read that you shouldnt apply Hydroquinone and BP at the same time. However, would it be safe for me to apply hydroquinine immediately after i wash off the BP? thanks
  10. i have been reading and i see mixed results. Im wondering if Retin-A will help red marks or pigmentation. Some people say it helps, some say it doesnt.
  11. Will Obagi Nu-Derm clear cause an IB?? thanks
  12. What kind of over the counter hydroquinone is the best?? is there a big difference in prescribed/nonprescripbed? Also, if there is a big difference, how exactly do i find a dermatologist. Would i have to physically meet my GP or could i just call them for a referral to a dermatologist near me? sorry,i had lots of questions