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  1. when i started using it, i got the initial breakout, which lasted through the second month or so. it seems like a long time, bu i was really happy that i stuck with it because my skin was amazing afterwards....i really like the green cream for getting rid of tiny bumps and smoothing the texture of my skin.....keep it up.....good results will happen!!!
  2. could be your immune system kicking into high gear, and getting rid of what doesnt belong in your body. ive recently started doing about 15-20 min a day in the steam room, which elevates your body temp into a "fever". ive done a lot of reading about the benefits of a steam room, and the false fever sends your immune system into overdrive, sending out white blood cells to destroy any pathogens or foreign material. My face since starting steaming is the best it has been probably my whole life..
  3. question, do u think that it would be needed to take vitamins along with the enzymes, as many of them need a cofactor such as vitamins to work? has anyone noticed any breakouts from taking digestive enzymes? do you think that your body will stop producing its own enzymes if it is being supplemented? I just started taking them today, and am concerned that my body will see that it has a surplus of enzymes and stop producing them itself.
  4. i got my aztec from a health food store in wisconsin called outpost. im not sure where your from, or if they even have them anywhere else, but anyhow, good luck!
  5. I have used the bentonite clay as a clay bath. i have read that you are supposed to put about a cup or so of powder clay in the bath, and let it sit for about 20 min, then hop in for up to 1 hour. i take them a few times a month for the detox effect. not really too sure if it works, but i do feel pretty calm and relaxed after i get out. i have read up on it, and what they say is that the toxins in your body carry a positive charge, while the clay has a negative charge. the negative charge o
  6. just a question for the females who have used the progesterone cream.......ive been a member here for a bit, with a constant acne battle.....i was also looking at some options for natural breast enhancment when i came across pro-gest from emerita. i heard good reviews about the breast enlargement by using it, but am also concerned about the acne aspect, has anyone used it and noticed any type of enlargement? i know its kinda a weird question on the acne forum, but i see a few people who have
  7. I was on ortho tri cyclen lo a few years back and had the worst break out ever. Im not too sure what exactly caused the bad reaction. Some people have told me that i might want to try taking emerita, which is a natural progesterone cream. Im just afraid that i might have the same bad breakout that i had with ortho. Does anybody know if the 2 products are related in any way? has anyone been on ortho, and then tried pogesterone cream with a better result, or worse?? any advice or suggestio
  8. [b]day 12 and 13 My skin is lookin a little bad cuz i have been in makeup all weekend. Plus its my time of the month, so things are not looking all that great, although as usuall, the light is helping to clear things up quicker than normal. Not too much else has changed since last time that i posted. my breakouts for this time of the month are expected, but they dont seem to be as severe and deep as they normall are. im not happy about them, but i can sure see a bit of improvement in the sev
  9. Day 11 Well my skin is looking FANTASTIC!!!! I am def seeing improvements in the old marks left over from previous acne. The only thing that would get rid of those marks was chemical peels, but i woke up this morning and was really impressed with my skin. I think today is the first day that i have really noticed a big change in my skin. just looks more clear, no new breakouts, very few tiny bumps left on my skin, redness reduced, overall tone and texture seem to be improving. So far two bi
  10. Day 9 and 10 Things are going pretty good. No major breakouts, stopped breaking out on my forehead. The texture of my skin is improving a little, and my old marks do look slightly better. Redness seems to be improved a little bit, but nothing major. Still, the best thing about this light, which for me has justified the $304 spent on it, has been the incredible healing time of a breakout. I wore make up for the past 4 days, got a little cluster of surface breakouts on my cheek/chin area, an
  11. Day 8 i keep getting little tiny breakouts on my forehead, but they go away by the next day. there not painful or leave marks, so i can def deal with them. ive tried a lot of different treatments, and i know that sometimes it gets worse before better, but even though this is making me breakout a bit worse than normal, im going to keep at it. ive had treatments that have made my skin MUCH MUCH worse than this. the breakouts on my forehead are about the size of pinpoints, and i only have about
  12. FYI, i have also stopped using sheisedo make up, which i absolutly love the natural looking, and good coverage, but it is the SPF one with sunblock in it. it def made me breakout, so that may also have something to do with not having too many active breakouts. Steer clear of this makeup!!!!!! Was HORRIBLE to my skin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Day 5, 6, and 7 Things have stayed pretty much the same. I have a few new little breakouts on my forehead(dont usually get), but the cyst on my chin is completely gone, and the one on my cheek is pretty much dead. i think that the light is helping with healing time, as far as reducing redness, im not so sure, and as far as the texture, it does feel a bit smoother when i am washing my face in the morning and at night. i can def feel a differnce there. for oil production, my face has actually
  14. Day 3 and 4: Things are about the same as they have been since the 2nd treatment. I did end up getting an under the skin breakout last night because i was wearing foudation for about 16 hours!!!! So i used my beautyskin in the morning, and it didn't make it go away, but it seemed to bring it to the surface of the skin, and then i could pop it. It normally takes a while for the under the skin type to come to a head, if they ever do, so hopefully it will be gone sooner. The cyst that i had on
  15. I just bought a beautyskin, so i wanted to track my progress, and post my results for others to see. I break out with hormones on my chin and a few on my cheeks once a month. The rest of the month, i have occasional breakouts, but nothing too bad. My skin is very oily in the T-zone. i have a lot of black heads, and very large pores. I wanted to get this to reduce the oil and hopefuly help with the overall texture and tone of my skin. Day 1 and 2: did 2 treatments. 15 min each. After the f