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  1. Hello everyone. I haven't been here for a while but now I'm back so you know what that means. I went to my dermatologist yesterday and she decided that it was time to go the AntiBiotic route. This is the 2nd time I have gone. The first time was an unsuccessful topical gel. I don't know IF it would have worked for me but I stopped using it for one reason or another. From what I remember it was irritating so alas I was back. So I was first seen by the "nurse/secretary" she asked if I wanted t
  2. I think the thing that it is marketed for is the fact that it has SULFUR in it. I didn't like it because it made me all dry initally but I cut back to using steps 1,2 in the morning and 1,2,3 at night.
  3. Its been 2 weeks now and I was having mixed opinions on this. I broke out but I don't know if that was do to this product or not. I was going to stop taking it but I decided to used it until the bottles were empty. What I have noticed was that the spots where I did not have any pimples are MUCH better than they were before. They are clear and smooth. I had to reduce to one Full application a day (all three steps) do to excessive dryness.
  4. 24 hours after first use is coming up tonight. I'll post pictures when I get out of work.
  5. http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51E%...L500_AA280_.jpg I have a few red spots left from my acne So I picked this product up. Let's see how it goes, Please post away any questions you may have. I'll post pictures before, during, and after.
  6. After about a month I saw substantial results. I believe what happened is using the cetaphil stopped new acne from forming. Once this stopped my skin finally was able to heal itself and start removing red marks from old acne etc.
  7. To entertain the taurine question, I WAS but not throughout this entire process. My greatest progress was End of June-July that is when I made a big jump. I believe the taurine was helping when my acne was inflamed closer to around the time the first picture was taken.
  8. I use: Cetaphil http://www.ma-petite-chou.com/wp-content/u...o-oily-skin.jpg and sometimes: WalGreens Aloe Vera Gel http://www.walgreens.com/dbimagecache/269507.jpg 1. Get a few handfuls of warm water over face. 2. Once face dosn't feel "oily" squeeze some Cetaphil in your palm and rub together 3. Place hands on face and just try to wash your entire face, don't Rub so hard but rub a little. 4. Rinse with water. 5. If your using the Aloe vera Gel Repeat steps 2-3 only using the Aloe Vera
  9. Ok so the regime was tweaked. I have stopped using BP. I was told it would make redmarks last longer and that seemed to be my problem. I now take a shower and splash water on my face after you feel the oil come off i hop out of the shower, still leaving it running and go to my bathroom mirror and squeeze anything thats like on its way out. the steam and warm water help it. Don't do anything hard as you will damage your skin. then i hp back in shower and start splashing water again. I then take a
  10. HOLY GRAIL http://i34.tinypic.com/24bpvux.jpg First thing I do when I go into the bathroom is -grab a fresh towel. -Fill sink with hotter than warm water -Soak face for one breath ( I put my face in the water) -Drain Sink -Fill Sink again -Soak again -Drain sink AGAIN *As its draining I put two pumps of Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser on my hands and masage it on my face -I keep masaging until sink is full again with water -then i sort of waive my hand around in the water to get the cetaphil o
  11. Thanks. This past months changes have been so drastic more improvement in last 3 weeks then first 6 months