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  1. HonoredFlesh

    Results from AHA+ Glycolic Acid Lotion

    This is the result of me using the AHA+ glycolic acid lotion from here. It broke me out so bad even in places I never get acne. As you can see in the first picture I have a few dark spots around my mouth that I wanted to get rid of. The second picture is 4 weeks into using AHA+
  2. HonoredFlesh

    Wish I could give negative stars

    Wish I could give negative stars

    I started using this product because I had a few dark spots from little bumps that I get in my T zone. This made me breakout on my entire face. Places that I never get acne I started to get acne. I thought it was just the product working and my skin getting used to it so I gave it a full month. I wish I had never used this produt. My face is full of dark spots now. I can't go anywhere without makeup anymore I am so depressed. PS. I have used a different brand glycolic acid before and it was amaz