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  1. I been on Dan's Regimen for about a year now. I still get pustules, papules acne on my cheeks that keep coming back. I have lots of acne scar leftover from the results of BP gel since it does slow the healing process. but I'm thinking about washing my face with saliy acid neutrogena instead of dan's cleanser. with BP gel? Can everyone give me your opinions? Do you think salicyc with BP be too damaging? Regimen: Morning- Neutrogena salicylic acid face wash Dan's BP Gel Neutrogena AHA SP15 Lotion
  2. almost no milkproduct. 20 and on the regimen with fish oil as well as zinc.
  3. my acne keeps coming backing at the same spots over and over, pustules and papules one on my left side of my cheeks, and all within a few cm of each other each time, every couple weeks. I know i am not suppose to pop it but i 'pop' them when the white head turns 'yellowish' and everytime i pop it a lot of pust comes out. I throw a good tab of BP on it everytime as well. basically what i am asking is when does it STOP!? or should i just stop picking it and leave it alone. note my acne is pustle
  4. for like 6 months, but i have a problem of 'popping' my pimples. when the white head appears. or pustule acne. =( i will post some pictures of the results, there is def a big improvement from highschool compare to me now.
  5. I have pustules, papules, and whiteheads, and im using Dan's BP and face washer with neutrenga most. and 1zinc pill + 3fish oil pills. But STILL my skin gets very very oil throughout the day and my acne continues to come back. does anyone know what i can do to prevent oily skin? wakeup: wash face, wait like 2minutes apple dan's bp, wait 10min apply moist. then take fish oil. about 3hours later my skin gest really oily.
  6. Is this servere or moderate? it is very inflammed i know that for sure. ;whops forgot to upload the pictures. hah