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  1. Hello floridagirl1991, I am 29 years old. My acne started when I was 21 - in university because of the stress and bulimia - not hormonal issue. Now my problem is also with hormonal problem. Really? I am glad for him! At least I want to prevent make my scars bigger and I wish to stop burning my face all day and have the ability to play any stupid sport or go on a trip outside my house with someone ;( That will be awesome but I am 4,603 miles away from you However we
  2. Last evening I've had so much fun with a boyfriend. I've been laughing all evening. Then I went to the bus and after I came home and took makeup off and started staring at my red holes over my face and I have decided I will kill myself by pills. I've been so tired all day thinking about face and about the wonderful adventures that I've couldn't handle and already promised I will go, so I've taken three pills antidepressant with alcohol and want to continue with hypnotic pills but something stops
  3. It was fine. I am happy for waking at home. We will do it as we need - if we want to stay at home we stay and if some friend is worthy then he calls (nobody wrote me yesterday ). I told my problems my parents and they thought that I am crazy and made it up - I wish they believed me However, I wish you the power to fight and enjoy life in your way.
  4. Hi Bazzo, You are right. For them it is only the face, for me is the only thing I've seen min. 12 hours per day. I've become from vacation. My scars are much worse. I've didn't use any peroxide, aggressive cream from the dermatologist, only LaRoche effaclar. I can't figure out why is it happening - scars are larger, uglier. It is probably because of pills that I must take or because of my underweight - maybe the anorexia cause worse scars, I don't know what is happing in the universe and wh
  5. Hello, answer to your question about pills Lexaurin - kinds of biozepams and hypnogen - sleep pills that didnt help - still cannot normally sleep but biozepams helps to be more calm and enjoy at least stupid watching tv and laughing. Lexaurin make your brain thinking like "Whatever I am fine I dont carre". However, I know that the most what will help me/you is new medical treatment (I cannot understand why medical can create new life / separate twins / add new heart BUT cannot fix skin
  6. !I can totally agree with you - I'm obsessed too. I'm afraid of wind that it will bring me a new scar.I was thinking that I will just live like a zombie and the then die. However, my boyfriend does technically everything to see me, so if I tell him my face burns and I will stay at home, he says that is ok and he will come and brings me everything that I want and he is absolutely happy with that. So please, don't stop believing that some miracle/interest/happy things in your life can happen. My m
  7. To floridagirl1991 I'm sorry what your husband did to you. There is no excuse for this. I think you deserve also love and be happy - at least three hour per day. You should think differently about yourself - so far you've been so strong that you continue to live till today and I'm very happy that you could write to me your pain, your feelings, your opinions. Believe me, he is the only guy who gets me on the date after 5 years - so don't hurry, you can find someone or something that makes you f
  8. Thank you so much! (I don't see any mistakes because I am not en-national speaker ^^ ) You give me a new point of view - I mean in life - you have totally right! It is terrible and it is a disease. I don't know anybody who has this kind of problem and my friend don't understand why I won't go out or drink with them. I don't know how is our skin condition is but I could feel your pain in the text. I agree, my family told me many times "I don't see your problem, it really burns?" or "Eat ever
  9. I know how you feel, each of the day I think about suicide because of scars, redness ugly marks and the texture of my skin at all. I've cried in public tram like an idiot in the morning. However, something helped me. Duacgel applied for a night - helped me with all kind of acne, new, big, cystic, pimples but is on prescription. But it is really necessary to avoid the sun and go out with SPF50. blood-test for estrogen - result basically show that at the age of 22 I am in menopause - a
  10. Hello, little fighter thank you so much for your answer. I know, its really sucks when we're young and totally depressed by life and quotes "you should enjoy all party, events, traveling, holidays, fuck-whatever". I've been the programmer too but still, I had have to work in the office - and my colleagues still creating some teambuilding and I hadn't known what to say. I have a new job but still, have to go to the office but it is a little much better. I really try our advice. I am also tal
  11. This is my final phase when I can not go any further. I decided to write how the fucking scars destroyed my whole life and I don't know how to fix it. I have a perfect boyfriend, he really loves me and I told him about my thoughts - he is my last shining star in this world but I can't bother him every day with this stuff. I do not know how to sum it up in the beginning, I've had my health under puberty. Diets, obesity, anorexia - all these impact me. Until then, I had the smoothest most delica