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  1. @dodgerguy Thank you for your advice I really predicated I've tried Vbam in our country - and it was for nothing - the whole month I can't go anywhere and effect no-one (the doctors there weren't professional). After this, my second dermatologist (I have three) sent me to Hyaluronic acid filler by injections (because my scars need to be filled not peel off) after months I didn't see any improvements. Currently, the third dermatologist said to me last week - that I have so thin skin th
  2. You are little fighter too! I definitely how you feel my sweetheart - only a few of us can imagine how painful it is talking with friends (especially go outside when the sun doesn't go down) or go to a party / event and don't get drunk because of the reflection in the mirror on the toiled of the pub. 'Go outside make you happier' 'Have friends make you happier ' It is not true - you must somehow start with loving yourself if you want to living on this earth Accordi