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  1. I am only on the fourth day of the regimen and I just have a little bit of swelling around my mouth and chin. Its only enough that I would notice. That doesn't sound serious does it?
  2. Poll of BP side effects while on the regimen. (redness, swelling, peeling itchiness)
  3. So was it just no picking alone that cleared you up? Just curious. You have beautiful skin. : )
  4. I'm so glad that this could help you! It sure scared the crap out of me too, although I think for a while I might need to refresh my memory and re look at the site until I have completely kicked the habit. It is such an eye opener.
  5. I stumbled across this website and was very interested in what I found. I had never considered over picking to be a OCD type of problem, but it does seem to make a lot of sense and the information they provide about the complexities of your skin makes me have a new found respect for my own skin. http://stoppickingonme.com/index.php
  6. http://www.skintactix.com/benzoyl_peroxide_skin_damage.htm Just found this, but I also found a lot of sites saying that BP helps scarring by exfoliating the surface of skin. Some even saying it is a powerful bleaching agent. But this was the only one that seemed backed up by actual medical studies.
  7. sorry but that's a complete lie. it can't cause permanent rosacea. it can cause redness, but rosacea doesn't just pop up from use of a product. rosacea is an internal issue, not a topical one, despite it being on someones face. So true!
  8. I didn't really ask what type of scarring. It could be very mild. I would think it would have a lot of variables and it depended on how much you used, the % of BP, what other products you used with it and of course your skin, because everybody's skin reacts differently. Although it might leave some damage I think if you used as little as possible but enough that worked for you, that would help. Also using something (topical and supplements) to help your skin to heal before scar tissue developed.
  9. Its good to know you didn't breakout initially. That's what I am mostly worried about. Maybe I'll give it a go. I'll let you know if it works out. : )
  10. Yay! I'm not the only one. I'll have to try Cetaphil. I have their moisturizer but I never really considered using it without BP in the routine. For skin care I am not doing a whole lot, just a mixture of jojoba oil, lavender oil , tea tree oil and olive oil. Which seems to work pretty well to get my makeup off and to moisturize. As for my diet I do try to eat pretty healthy. I take a TON of vitamins and I drink a lot of water and eat a lot of vegi's. But I admit I am kinda a binge eater, when I
  11. I work at a Pure Beauty and I got trained on Murad by a Rep. and she said that they use hydrogen peroxide in their products instead of BP because BP actually burns the inside of your pore walls as it goes down to kill the bacteria and that is why it causes scarring and redness.
  12. I use Jane Iredale "Disappearâ„¢ with Green Tea Extract" I really like it. It covers really well and does not seem to have any bad effect on my skin or aggravate my acne. I like it because the ingrediants are healthy for your skin and it does not have any harmful clogging fillers that a lot of make up lines have. The whole line is based on being good for your skin and making your skin look good. Its a great line. A quote from the web site" This camouflage cream is so packed with pigment that it
  13. My skin reacts very bad to just about anything I put on my skin that is acne related. I can use most moisturizers, anti-aging products and pretty much anything that doesn't say its for acne. But any kind of face wash I cannot use because they make me break out. My skin does best when I never wash my face, I use a moisturizer only when my skin is dry. Even when using my mineral make up, if I don't wash it off, my skin looks better the next day. The less I do to it the better it looks. Well you wo
  14. I have been considering trying Dan's regimen but i am skeptical considering my skin is so sensitive and my acne is very unpredictable. I can go months at a time with perfect skin and suddenly within a week my face is covered in acne and my skins condition will change completely from perfect to overall oily, shiny, irritated and inflamed. Then it takes months before the acne goes away and months after that for my skin to heal and look normal. Then it is perfect again and I start all over. One t
  15. I have been reading up on Spironolactone and I really want to try it. I have had on and off acne problems for the last 5 years and I really think it is hormone/stress related. I was on Yaz for about a year and my skin was more clear, but I stopped taking it and now my skin is all out of wack, which is mostly my fault for not taking my pills when I was suppose to and screwing up my hormones. Anyways I used to have kaiser but I havent had it for a while because it was under my fathers plan and no