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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/7354458.stm This article is really bizarre and it took quite a bit to register in my head. I saw it on TV and the first thing that came to mind was - acne scars! Surely a bit more simpler than regrowing a finger? Thoughts?
  2. Ok i just noticed the other night that I have formed some very shallow traces of red marks on my right cheek where there was no acne. The indentation is very very shallow and I would not have noticed it if i am not so familiar with the contour of my skin but still its annoying to worry now about marks that might form without the acne! All I put on my face is Dan's regimen but lately i have added the egg white mask/vinegar regimen to help with red marks. I doubt either of those things are causin
  3. A new method in development uses Old Inkjet printers to "print" new skin and is hoped to replace the much maligned skin grafting technique. There are no specific references to acne scars but why would this not work for such treatments? Sounds interesting. Original article here
  4. Papules are a little more resistent to the regimen... I can count the number of papules ive had on one hand, and I have had one since i started the regimen almost a year ago... I upped the BP big time on it when it started coming up and it didnt help. It kept growing and now I am left with a scar and a red mark, the only real red mark on my face so it sticks out like a sore thumb... Having said that, the papule might have been worse without the bp treatment, can't be exactly sure...
  5. People seem to have had some results using these for a while... http://www.microdermabrasioncloth.com/ I have yet to try them but I might just give them a go as I only have shallow scars... read the instructions!
  6. I have heard microdembrasion cloths used over a period of time (2-3 months) will help improve the texture of the skin and help fade red spots as they exfoliate the skin for newer layers to grow. I have yet to try them but I will give them a shot soon. Try searching for them on on this site and google. I think www.addictedtobeauty.com is popular with some people. Be careful to read the instructions, they are not your regular everyday towels. Obvoiusly, it depends on the severity of your scars/
  7. Hmm... sounds interesting, maybe ill give it a go... Would you recommed that I continue on the regimen while I am using these cloths? i.e. continue using benzoyl peroxide?
  8. I dont know, its quite strange... when I look in the mirror they are not red However, when I drink alcohol they seem to flare up and that is when that pic was taken. Does that happen to anybody else? My cheeks dont get red from alcohol just some of my scars.
  9. I somehow think it is probably not "acne" unless you are used to having acne in that part of your body. I have never had pimples on my lower back. I would see a doctor as soon as possible. Good luck!
  10. Looks interesting, but I have always been sceptical of creams that seem to treat scars. They always say something to the effect of "max results will be seen in 10 months" which is how long for my red spots to fade anyways. Please let us know how it works out though. Those silicone sheets sound funky. B)
  11. I think Dan has his own views on that in the FAQ section... I tried Proactive once but I felt it was too expensive for its worth. I ended it after 2 months and the only part of it I liked was the facial mask that you had to wash off after 15 mins. For some reason it really helped my pimples. Next morning my face would always be really smooth.