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  1. Wow, such big improvement . Unbelievable! This last update has strong sunlight and your improvement is unbelievable!
  2. I see a lot of improvement compared to your right before picture . I think the lighting and angle are pretty similar. Good results after just one treatment
  3. @Scarredtodepression Thanks for you post. I so relate to you on dating. I got dumped so many times as soon as the date is under sunlight. This is so frustrating . Getting dumped all the time after 2 or 3 dates . One time I managed to 7 dates because I refused to go outside for the first 6 dates. Then the 7th time, we went hiking and he broke up with me after that. It is worse than not being contacted after first date since I already knew the person a little bit. Anyway, do you have any updat
  4. @Quadboy Thanks so much for sharing this. It is so helpful. Any update now ? How many improvement do you think you have after all the treatments?
  5. The first 2 pictures seem to be before and roght after since they are so red and swollen. I am not sure why the clinic put this kind of picture as after. They are not accountable
  6. The paper by some Indian dermatologist posted by beautiful ambition on the FAQ has great improvement for those patients with acne scar. The pictures are amazing. Some of them improve from grade 3 to no scar. Did anyone know in reality if this could happen?