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  1. I'm betting they don't. We'll see. Be sure to keep us updated.
  2. Thanks for the advice (I guess?). I was wondering more whether or not the hole would ever close up. It'll never close up fully. If it does, it'll be back, for some reason.
  3. wish I knew. some things work for some time but there is no real cure except for accutane. go on it.
  4. It uses Salicylic acid as the blackhead dissolving serum and you can always buy that. The device that vibrates could be great for exfoliating, but there are ways to do that manually and chemically. I think it might be worth 17 dollars.
  5. I had the same thing many years ago and it eventually went away.
  6. Yeah if it feels like a BB or pellet it's a cyst.
  7. It's hard to see. Looks like pore with oil that has turned black.
  8. Avoid the mirror, until you find a solution for your problem.
  9. why did you stop using that regimen? i notice now you don't use st ives or honey.