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  1. My friend recommended Differin because it's been working well for her. I'm afraid to stop the regimen because it's working well. I still break out a little, but not nearly as much as before. In fact, I'd say my acne is about 60% cleared up and I've been on it for about 5-6 weeks. Should I use BP in the morning and Differin at night or not use Differin at all?
  2. I still break out too, but very little, and I've been on the regimen for about a month. Then again, I'm not using OXY, but Neutragena on the spot. Good luck, I hope everything works out.
  3. My friend gave me a clindamycin phosphate solution bottle (its the liquid) and she says it really helped her a lot. I'm afraid to take it for two reasons. Firstly, I don't want to stop the regimen because it's working; secondly, it's prescribed medication and that scares me somehow. My question is, for those who've used clindamycin, how it has worked for you. Would it be ok if I did the regimen in the mornings and then the clindamycin in the evenings or vice versa, or is mixing both medications
  4. I'm still on Dan's regimen, but I still have acne. Which Vita-K product should I buy? I assume when people say Vita-K helps blotchy skin, they refer to the actual brand, not vitamin K in general. Is this correct? Also, since I'm on Dan's regimen, when should I put the product on? After the moisturizer or in place of it? //Confused// Would this be the right product?
  5. Yes, in my case, during the 1-2 days I stopped, I still had to apply moistureizer because my face was dry/flakey. Very flakey.
  6. I'm kinda new here, but I can't help but comment. This thread is making me realize how lucky I am to have the girlfriend I have. While I consider my acne to be mild/moderate, it's still very noticeable. On the other hand, my girlfriend has perfect skin, and very rarely does she break out; by break out I mean "hardly visible bumps on her skin", so she's the one who has to deal with me. Anyway, back to the point, yes I would date someone with acne, it'd be hypocritical of me otherwise. You can tel
  7. For me, it cleared up the million tiny blackheads I had on my nose. Not completely, but it definitely helped.
  8. While my condition isn't as bad as yours, at least from what I gather, I found that if I lay off the BP for a day or two, it usually gets better. The weird thing, for me at least, is that before it was my temples that had problems, and now it's the sides of my chin. Bleh, it kinda blows because it looks like I got sunburned and/or it gets flakey. There are worse things though, so I'll deal. Good luck.
  9. Thanks for your advice. Since I wasn't sure what to do, when it was time for my evening application last night, I just washed my face and put on moisturizer, no BP. This morning I woke up and my skin was flakey, but it wasn't burning or anything, so I showered and did everything the same as always, except now I only applied BP (a very very very light coating) to the areas of my face that hadn't burnt the days before. I guess I'll see how that goes for a few days. I was afraid I was allergic to B
  10. I just started the regimen Tuesday for the first time. I'm using the Yardley London Natural Oatmal and Almond soap as my washer, along with Neutrogena on the spot and Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture with SPF 15. I started out using the amount of BP as directed on the site for "newbies", but since after the first two days I saw that my skin was taking it well, I bumped it up a bit. It wasn't "full usage", but still more than what I was supposed to be using. Anyway, two days ago, my face started burn