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    The Contraceptive Patch Cured My Acne

    This is amazing! Your skin looks so clear and glowing. You must be thrilled It's such a struggle isnt it, I've had acne from 11 until now at 27 and I'm still trying various hormonal methods. I've never tried the patch but I have been thinking about it. Perhaps it's due to a higher estrogen content? I know I have low estrogen but all my other hormones are normal. Thanks for sharing this and happy you've solved it!
  2. Beth14_x

    Good & Bad Birth Control Pills And Implants For Acne

    Hi wondering if anyone can help I need a high estrogen/low androgen oral contraceptive and between Cilest and Femodene, I’m a little confused as to which one would be better and have less androgenic activity. Femodene is 30 estrogen and 75 progestin (gestodene) Cilest is 35 estrogen and 250 progestin (norgestimate) I understand that they are both low in androgenic activity as third generation progestins, but as Cilest’s dose is over twice the amount in Femodene, does this make Femodene more estrogenic and therefore better for skin? I know Cilest is FDA approved for skin as Ortho Cyclen in the US…. But is it really more estrogenic than Femodene when it has twice the progestin? Which is more estrogenic and therefore better for skin? Can anyone help with this? I found this online but I get a little confused with the sciency stuff….. In a recent review, it was pointed out that after administration of 75 µg of gestodene in combination with 30 µg of ethinylestradiol to women, circulating levels of gestodene were high relative to levels of other progestins measured after treatment with combined oral contraceptives (44). These elevated levels occurred after both single and multiple doses of gestodene/ethinylestradiol. The finding is surprising because the 75-µg dose of gestodene is the lowest of any progestin in a combination pill. The results indicate that, overall, levonorgestrel is the most androgenic and gestodene is similar or slightly less androgenic, followed by 3-keto-desogestrel and norethindrone. Norgestimate has not been directly compared with the other progestins but is essentially devoid of androgenic activity. Thanks for any help