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  1. Hi im a 22 yr old male from Florida, whos been suffering with stupid cystic acne for 3 yrs, long story short just recently i stopped using Tazorac 0.1% after 6 months, and just now my derm prescribed me Metrogel 1%, can anyone please tell me their experience with this cream thank you so much
  2. 65 days using tazorac cream 0.1% at nights, sometimes use clindamycin phosphate topical gel in mornings. wash face x2 a day with benzol peroxide wash 5%. have deep scars all over , have been dealing with acne for 3 years, scars dont bother me as much as it did, but i still breaking out lately a lot around chin, at least no more cysts/postules. just whiteheads and red bumps
  3. hey everyone i just wanted to get ur experiences on TAZORAC CREAM 0.1% if uve used it in the past or are currently using it please let know how it went it for u, id appreciate it THANKS
  4. hey everyone i just wanted to get ur experiences on TOZARAC CREAAM 0.1% if uve used it in the past or are currently using it please let know how it went it for u, id appreciate it THANKS
  5. hey x)

    thanks for your comment made me smile! i added your address! my first friend on this site ;)


  6. hey everyone, ive been takin Doxy 100mg x1 a day for the past 35days, but this past week ive developed this pain on my sides 30min after takin the doxy,( similar pain on side like when i was on accutane about three years ago and had to stop cuz indeed it was liver inflammation). so i called my derm yesterday and he told me it might be the liver and to make an appointment with my primary physcian ( i have appt next week on 30th) and get tested for liver problems. and he stop takin doxy a
  7. I was on doxy and it helped with cysts for a while...and kept them at ease. but didnt really do anything for non inflamatory acne... and sadly enough eventually your body gets used to antibiotics :( but it did help the cysts for a while.

  8. i been on it for 16 days and i seen it got worse the first 14 days its just not gettin better. good luck . if u got any questions just feel free to message me
  9. u should ask your derm , i got prescribed 100mg x1 a day for 3 months till check up. im 5'9 175lb
  10. story of my life

    march 2009

    march 2009
  11. I got the same prescription as you ( 100mg , x1 a day, for 3 months which will be my next derm visit)
  12. hello everyone , i am 22 male from FL, been suffering with cystic acne for 3 years now, until recenttly (3/13/09) i got to see a dermatologist here in the US (, beacuse before i was being treated out of the country ...long story, lets just say i still get stupid cysts and have deep scars) since i just got approved for health care insuarance i went yesetrerday , he prescribed me Doxycycline 100mg to be taken every morning , along with a some 5% benzol peroxide face wash to be used in morning
  13. thankss that's really nice of you! and yeah it's not so bad anymore it's gotten a lot better. + i will.

  14. dad and mom none, dads father who wus 87 would still get a few big whiteheads maybe like x2 a week, i guessed it skipped my dad and it got me
  15. i started weight training this school year..before that i have never benched in my life..its been 5 months and i can bench about 175 rite now as my max..im 6 feet or 6'1 and weigh 160 flat...