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  1. Well I don't know, most of the gallery pics are of people with acne on the cheeks. Beleive it or not, the skin on my cheeks is like flawless and amazing, but my chin area is all nasty with pimples, and at any given time I have AT LEAST 2, BIG pimples on my forehead (at the moment I have 2 big red ones and 2 littler ones). Will it still work? Cuz I keep hearing chin acne is hormonal and all. By the way, I'm a 15 year old girl whose dermatologist said could go on Accutane in a month if my curren
  2. It's oily because you keep putting harsh chemicals on your skin, drying it out and causing your body to want to produce more sebum (oil) to make up for it. At least that's how I see it - I had 'normal' skin before this and now mine is always slick with oil and shiny. I wish I had never found this website, personally. BP is shit imo. It drys me out, caused me to have wrinkles at 18 years old and left horrible red spots all over my face. yeah I kind of wish I had never found this site either
  3. I had that too. I had my doubts, but I was really surprised when I switched to an all natural, chemical and SLC free toothpaste, they stopped! =D Actually I have like a tiny clogged pore on the corner right now, but it's been like two weeks and it hasn't come up...idk what the heck that's about. I still wear chapstik and lipstick and everything. Give it a shot! OH and I also drink 7 tbsp ACV a day. My mouth is the only area of my face it's managed to clear up, so I keep drinking it haha. Good lu
  4. Before all of this started, my skin was NOT this bad. It wasn't flaking off in the morning and then covered in shine by afternoon. It was a normal TEXTURE but it had pimples. even the pimples weren't as bad as they are now. Then I went to the derm. and now I'm here. I just don't get it...do you think all the products I'm trying are doing this to my skin?! I would gladly trade the skin I had before for what I have now!! I was complaining over NOTHING! But is it too late? Have I messed up my skin
  5. is it safe or advisable in any way to be on accutane while dieting?
  6. i actually had an eating disorder in the year before I developed acne. ha. seems like I just can't win...just when I was finally starting to LIKE how I looked, i get freaking acne...UGH!
  7. piano, singing, theatre, dancing, photography, drawing/making art, traveling, reading, running/walking/excercise in general, cooking/baking
  8. ...my skin hasn't improved, or gotten any worse. I just don't think I've had an IB. I'm moving into week 3 on differin, brevoxyl 4% (BP cleanser), and doxy. I've been breaking out mildly as normal. however, I'm only using differin twice a week as instructed by my derm....? should I increase my differin use? do some people not experience an IB? or is one waiting for me? thanks!
  9. actually, I'm no doctor, but that sounds fine to me. it is supposed to make your skin more sensitive, and if you're not feeling pain, it sounds normal...I'm NOT on accutane and sometimes when I work out I can feel my pulse in my face. I think it's normal. however, talk to your derm anyway just in case. ;-)
  10. Hey! I just thought I'd reply since we're kind of in the same boat....same age, acne started getting bad around the same time....sure does suck, doesn't it? at least you're going on accutane at an early age instead of waiting for years and regretting all the wasted time! haha anyways...I'm having my next derm appointment either Feb 10 or sometime sooner, and I'm just gonna straight-up ask for accutane cuz I've tried the perscriptions and they are making it WORSE...my skin is TOO sensitive. hopef
  11. well actually I'm fairly sure Brevoxyl is a wash/cleanser...and you said you "applied" it? does that mean you washed with it? if you "applied" it, no wonder it's breaking you out! it's supposed to be used as a cleanser...?
  12. It seems to have worked quite well for a lot of people. How do you get it in the US? I don't understand...=/
  13. so basically...you think it might be OK? or would birth control maybe be better? GAH im so confused I just wanna be on Accutane and have it over with.
  14. 1. What are chances that it won't do anything at all? Just won't work at all, period. 2. Chances it will come back after you're done with the course. 3. Chances you'll have to stop taking it due to complications. No exact numbers needed, just opinions are fine!