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  1. Hopefully it does. It is in clinical trials right now and it can take several years before something is marketed.
  2. Not too sure about this. I like how they say they are sold out. Not legit at all.
  3. Everyone gets acne, so they consider it normal. There is no willingness from science to find a functional cure because acne is part of growing up. They make tons of money selling things that supposedly clean the skin and prevent breakouts but they don't really work. Most teenagers outgrow acne. The redness goes away with time. Cysts are fairly small with just few whiteheads or blackheads. For us especially me, I've dealt with cystic acne fairly early. It ravaged my face and mostly my upper
  4. Your post highlights the importance of making the best out of our youth with visible scars or not because we get old. We can't go back in time. Someone that is still young and healthy can do amazing things as long as they are young and healthy. What you are looking for is something that has plagued and intrugued millions of humans even centuries before: the fountain of youth and immortality. It is a complete different topic that doesn't pertain to scarless healing. Something that big pharma
  5. Scars stink but enjoy your youth. Time is the only thing you will never get back and people don't really care about your scars. Make the best of what you have. As for microcoring, it will cost a fortune because you would need 10000 treatments. In 10 years, if they ever get a hydrogel approved, then most if us will be either in our thirties or forties and will have other priorities than looking at scars.
  6. https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20190410005493/en/Scar---Pipeline-Review-H1-2019--
  7. You need to comprehend that skin is constantly regenerated. When you injure your skin, your body will regenerate to heal. Scar tissue is just an overproduction of collagen, this will get you those thick scars or hypertrophic scars/keloid scars. Not enough collagen results in sunken depressions of your skin, the fat underneath is not regenerated. The problem with scar tissue is that the body cannot realign it into the basket wave pattern of ormal skin, so the scar remains for a lifetime. It's a f
  8. Everybody is playing. Your skin already regenerates when it is injured, a scar is natural and you need them for your body to heal. However, scars are ugly to see. At least, some people are trying to unlock nature's way of working. It will take some time before they can close wounds without scars. Also, they are working on acne vaccines. One day, scars and acne will no longer plague millions but we are not there yet and won't be for many many years. Enjoy what you have because life is short and n
  9. Actually, it prevents scars on fresh wounds, it reduces existing scars as per its makers. It is similar to hydrogels. It won't do anything for atrophic scars, there is fat loss there. We have to wait for the research at UCI to be completed.
  10. Microcoring will be nothing more than another expensive dermabrasion treatment. It won't do much for scars. Excising a scar will heal with another scar. Derms already do this and have developed the zigzag stitching technique which results in a less visible scar. FS2 is the only thing that looks promising at this point.
  11. Well well, seems you are coming to your senses. Weren't you a big time Sunogel supporter once?
  12. They are not yet going to release FS2 for some time. Clinical trials are still in phase 1 or phase 2. There are many other trials to be conducted. They are focusing to become a publically traded company by 2019 or early 2020, this doesn't mean they will release FS2. I don't understand why these companies are trying to hit the stock market without releasing anything before. Contrary to Polarity however, these guys don't make false claims.
  13. Scarring is also a million dollar industry and growing. Lasers, creams and fillers are used for scar treatments. So you just answered for the thousands of posters here, there will never be something out there anytime soon to regenerate our skin after a pimple or injury.
  14. They haven't found a cure yet for HIV and cancer yet. Why would they care much about scarring. There's no cure yet for acne which caused everyone's scarring on here in the first place. Every new medical innovation or discovery has to go through years of clinical trials. Someone out there may not even want for these cures to be available. It's not as easy as you think.