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  1. wow i was about to ask about acne scars like enlarged pores and red marks.but hey i dont see any harm in trying.thanks!
  2. Has anyone ever used these products from Julie.
  3. i just bought julie's TCA comlpex.it seems to br pretty legit and i did a little reading and it said that if you've never done it suggests you doing TCA complex or latte first.it claims to have instructions and guides and from customer reviews they are happy with the instructions and everything.im getting mine in like 2 weeks.good luck with you though
  4. heartPWR


    well i've been tempted to purchase it and i did from ebay.i was going to buy the TCA cross but i did a little reading and it said i should try TCA complex or latte before trying it since i have never done this treatment EVER.i've progressed down the road of acne,got rid of the acne and when i thought having no more pimples and reduced red marks im still not satisfied with the scars from acne.but im still keeping my head in and i hope i can treat these potholes in my face . they arent a big of a
  5. i think i would say i love it but your expression in your photo *scratches head looking confused. your expression looks like you dont know what the heck happened to your hair LOL. but hey i like it.the reason why your dad and brother say they dont like it is because they're not used to it judging on your profile pic compared to your new hairstyle THEY ARE COMPLETLY different.so dont be so torn i mean i've had unsuitable haircuts some positive some negative but its the people around you that
  6. hey good job for you man.i've been hesitant to continue with the BP gel because of it making a skin a bit itchy but im assuming now that its just my skin adjusting to it.has that happened to you when you first started with BP gel?
  7. thanks.i think it must be beacause of the dry skin but yeah i hate the sensation after it has dissolved.
  8. what kind of scar treatments are there for not severe but ice pick scars? i just have them on both cheek areas near the nose. and very little on my forehead theres these small holes.
  9. when you guys apply the BP gel do you guys feel anything on your face?i apply it to the affected areas which is just my cheeks and i put little.after about 15 mins. when the stuff has absorbed into my skin it doesnt turn red or anything but i get this little itchy sensation. is this normal or is this a reaction to the BP?
  10. heartPWR

    so far - dec. 6th

    trying to get rid of red marks.
  11. what now potato peel?! LOL never heard of that either but hey tell me if you have any success.
  12. thanks @ tiffy if i get it i'll just get it from ebay. but i just recieved the dan kern's BP gel.i know some people have said this is going to make red marks look more red and worse im going to include it in my regimen. i used it last night and i thought it would make my face sting which it didnt.but like 20-30 minutes later the part of my face i put the most on became itchy!! thank goodness it wasnt irritated and didnt become red so i guess im not allergic to it. maybe because i didnt apply an
  13. hey man those are red marks but they're not scars.so you can get rid of them easily. the thing you can do is to NOT PINCH and to not irritate your face. treat your face very delicate.on the home page watch dan kerns videos.it shows you how to wash your face properly, moisturize it etc.you may not have those products but basically if you treat your face good, good results will come.
  14. MG68 i live in toronto, saw this post about a week or few days ago and made a visit to the shoppers drug mart near me to see if that product was there.is that what it exactly looks like or is there another pic of the product. i'd like to try it but if i can't find it in shoppers i'll just have to order it from ebay :S i just have red marks left from acne i get a bump here and then so yeah.i've been desperatly looking for a solution to my red marks while im still young.
  15. hi guys im going to be going into some sort of regimen for my face but i would appreciate if you guys visit my account and look and my pictures and make any suggestions. the marks i have aren't as bad as they are in the pictures which were taken in december but any suggestions from knowledgable people would help. i'd also like any input on a technique i read on which is needling. goods and bads of it? i live in toronto does anyone know the price or where i can get this done if i need to go the